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expunge illinois arrest record?

I was arrested a little while ago for retail theft, but I was able to complete a deferred prosecution program allowing this charge to be dropped and I never had to go to court.

However, I still have my arrest on my record and would like to get it expunged. I was seeing if anyone has experience with this. I know I need to go to the circuit county clerk, but I'm a little lost on what to actually do there? Will I have to go to court to have it expunged if I qualify?

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    If you completed your program, you should have received a letter stating your case was dropped when it was over.

    Different localities have different statutes, but you can take your letter to the Clerk of Courts, show them the deferred status drop and ask if this jurisdiction allows you to expunge the arrest record. If so, they should have a motion packet for you to fill out. Return it to the Clerks office with the filing fee and you will be notified by mail.

    Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

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    Your expungement order in Illinois needs to be signed by a judge - but you need to file the petition with the circuit court clerk first - a simple process and most clerks office will assist you in the process.

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    When your 18 years old they will automatically seal it, unless you were caught for another crime. Go down to your district office and ask them what it takes to expunge the record. They usually have you pay a fee and then you go to court in front a judge. He/she will decide if you will have your record expunged.

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    they will not expunge this

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