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What is the next revolution in solar cells?

First generation solar cells began with a large amount of Silicon and only single junctions.

Second Generation solar cells called thin film cells, began with much less Silicon. In addition first generation solar was improved with multiple junctions.

Third Generation Solar Cells aim to keep Silicon use low while enhancing cell efficiencies.

In addition there are technologies that blend electricity generation with heat generation. And also aim to reduce installation and system design costs through building inverters inside solar panels. There is also technologies that use multiple junctions and concentration to enhance efficiencies. And aim to use bio-based plastics to replace petroleum based plastics used as back sheets in solar panels.

Idea's of the future include thin film concentration solar cells, thin film multi-junction cells, and thin film multi-junction concentrating cels.

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    They have recently come up with a way to turn radiation directly into electricity. Current cells must use photons only, the new ones will work with any type of radiation. Also, current radiation power sources utilize the heat to boil water to turn a wheel to make electricity. When it is perfected and mass produced it will save a lot of energy loss and be able to make electrical energy from just about any radioactive source.

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    Probably a method of enhancing collection by designing the casing to focus energy onto useful area - and maximise collection per surface area of silicon.

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