How do I PERMANENTLY switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic?

My mail page comes up classic, but the home page is still new. I hate the new yahoo, and I want to switch permanently.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yahoo is testing a new layout, but it is not hitting all users at the same time. They are testing it out randomly!

    "" (or another country's equivalent) is not the version for mobiles, but a new site layout, which is tested on a couple of users without asking them for their consent first. Some users like it, but most don't. Many are upset, as they cannot get to their mails without clicking many different links before they get to read anything. ( )

    Note: Users reported that clearing the browser cache of cookies and temp files and then typing in the browser window, returned the old familiar design in most cases.

    Further, you may get in touch with any Yahoo! Representative regarding this change. To contact Yahoo! Customer Care, please visit: ( )

  • 4 years ago

    Hi, you can't. I tried it and they wont let you. If you do find a way to do it. Please let me no.

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