How much would an autograph collection be worth from the 1940's? ?

My grandfather passed, leaving me his father's autograph collection. We have 257 autographs total, on signature cards. Some names I can't decipher.

these are the ones I can make out...

Mel Ott-Eleanor Roosevelt-Franklin Roosevelt-Secretary of War Robert Patterson-

VP Henry Wallace-Secretary of Navy James Forrestal- Secretary of War Henry Stimson-Secretary of Agriculture Claude Wickhard-Secretary of State John Foster Dulles-General US Army Lewis B Hurshey-Presidential Advisor Bernard Baruch-Postmaster General Frank Walker-Secretary of Treasury Henry Mongenthau Jr-.Secretary of Commerce James Jones-J. Edgar Hoove-rRockefeller-Owen Roberts-Supreme Ct. Venison-Supreme Ct. Stanley Reed-Wiley Rutledge-Robert Jackson-Supreme Ct. Harlan-Admiral US Navy Ernest King-Mark Clark-CW Nunitz-Dwight Eisenhower-William Leehy-Omar Bradley-Retired USA General Wayne Wright-JH Doolittle-WF Halsey-Paul V. McNutt-James Farley-Duwey-Herbert Hoover-Herbert Yehman-Frank Murphy-Senator of NY Mead-Harold E. Strassler-Robert J. Wagner-Albert W. BarkleyTherman-Audrey Eden-General Shang Chen-John Silbert- Winart-Emaon De Valera-Halifax-FJ Spelman-Stephan S. Wise-Pope XII-Harold C. Ulrey-James B. Grant-Pres. of MIT Karl Compton-Norman Rockwell-Bruno Walter-1948 Horowitz-William Beebe-Misha Elway-Sigmund Romberg-Pres. of The Bronx James Lyon-sFrancis Haguir-Dorothy Thompson-Ripley- DashFranklin P. Adams-John Kieran-Oscar Levant-Lowell Thomas-William Shirer-Bill Stern-Elmer Davis-Drew Gearson-Rupert..Helen Keller-Noelle Coward-Gene Turney-Cecil B. Demille-Barry Leonard-Jack Dempsey-Babe Ruth-Sammy Kaye-Harry James-Cab Calloway-Louis Armstrong-Hazel Scott-Hildegard-Helen Hayes-Joan Davis-Mary Pickford-Anne Baxter-Jane Wyamn-Lena Horne-Maureen O Hara-Betty Hutton-Molly Picone-Dinah Shore-Tallulah Bankhead-Gracey Fields-Kate Smith-Mary Martin-Herbert Marshall-Dan Dunyear-Bert Landcaster-Tyrone Power-James Cagney-Dennis Morgan-Basil Ratbone-Dana AndrewsR-obert Mitchem-Bob Walker-Edward Arnold-Roddy McDowall-Randolph Scott-Sonny Tufts-Cornel WIlde-Dick Powell-Joeseph Cotton-Charles Colburn-John Payne-Sidney Greenstreet-Raymond Massey-Frederic March-Barry Fitzgerald-James Stuart-Gary Cooper-Lionel Barrymore-WC Fields-Edward G Robinson-Eddie Bracken-Walter Pidgeon-Jack Carson-Fred MacMurray-Monty Wooley-John Garfield-James Mason-Morton Downey-Lawrence Tibbett -1945-Walt Disney-Joe E Lewis-Frank Sinatra-Jack Haley-Fibber McGee and Molly-Bill Bojangles Robinson-Edgar Bergen and Charlie Mcarthy-Bert Lahr-Eddie Cantor-Al Jolson-Bob Hope-Milton Berle-Rochester-Fred Allen-Joan Leslie-Joan Fontaine-ShirleyTemple-Linda Darnell-Joan Crawford-Alexis Smith-Barbara Stanwyck-Hedy Lamaar-Claudette Colbert-Betty Grable-Alice Faye-Dianna Durban-Ann Sheridan-Rita Hayworth-Joan Bennett-Ingrid Bergman-Zazu Pitts-Loretta Young-Myrna Loy

I have no idea. Thank you for any assistance.

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    Any collectible is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Values go up and down, depending on so many things.

    I would not suggest eBay if you want to make the most for yourself. (fees can be quite high) There are many other places to sell these things, but the best is to other collectors. There are clubs all over, there are magazines and newsletters. Search those out, and find like-minded people. They appreciate the value of these... others just don't care. That's indeed a very fine collection!

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    Wow! I agree with the first person who said to try Ebay. I'd definitely do some research though, before listing anything. I'm a huge classic movie fan. If those signatures are authentic, then they are probably worth quite a bit. The Mary Pickford and Cecil B. Demille should be worth something since they are from the early days of Hollywood. You have Oscar winners in there with Jane Wyman, Joan Fontaine, Joan Crawford, etc. I'd love to have Myrna Loy, Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck's autographs. They are three of my favorites.

    I noticed a few errors. When you said James "Stuart," did you mean "Stewart" as in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and "It's a Wonderful Life?" Also, it's Basil Rathbone, Gene Tierney, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum, etc. It is a lot of information you listed, so perhaps they are just typos. Good luck.

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    4 years ago

    Mary Pickford Autograph

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    YES! But if your planning to sell them then make them a reasonable price. Not too high and not too low. Like the more known actors maybe 30$ a piece. The others probably 25$ a piece.

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    I believe in putting collectibles on e-bay..Buyers there know the value of things..good luck

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