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When Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000 was it scene as a defeat for Israel? Why or why not?

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    It was not.

    The military operation, code-named “Change of Direction”, dealt a major blow to Hizbullah. That terror organization has been dislodged from its positions along the border, removing the direct-fire threat (machine-guns, RPGs, recoilless rifles, wire-guided missiles) to Israel’s border communities.

    In addition, the organization's long-range missile system deep inside Lebanon has been crippled, as well as its command and control systems, headquarters, and infrastructures. The array of Katyusha rockets deployed in southern Lebanon was severely reduced, and the flow of ammunition from Syria to the Hizbullah has been significantly interdicted.

    At the same time, in the diplomatic arena, the international backing which Israel enjoyed throughout the operation is unprecedented - from the 16 July G-8 statement at the beginning of the conflict to the 11 August adoption of UNSCR 1701 which established the cease fire. The international community supported Israel in its operational goals against the Hizbullah and clearly backs the immediate disarming of that organization. For the first time, conditions have been created to finally begin implementation of UNSC Resolution 1559, which calls for the disarming of Hizbullah, its expulsion from the border and the deployment of the Lebanese army along the border. The international community stands ready to take concrete steps to implement resolutions 1559 and 1701 by dispatching a multi-national force to deploy along the Lebanese in southern Lebanon, to help the control the area, to enforce an arms embargo at border crossings, air and sea ports and to operate effectively to dismantle Hizbullah’s military capabilities.

  • Canute
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    I do not know whether it was a victory or defeat, but it was unwise.

    It left the peaceful Christian and Shiite residents of South Lebanon at the mercy of the terrorists, and brought the terrorists down to the border with Israel.

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    A simple mechanism to judge, is to see what Israel goals were, and what has been achieved of these goals.

    the same applies for Gaza. None of Israelis' goals has been achieved, except for killing hundreds of innocent people.

    Al Qassam spokesman has declared that only 48 of their fighters has been killed, and an exact of 49 Israeli soldiers, but he expected at least 80 soldiers were killed.

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