European history during 19th century?

does anyone know a good website which explains the main events in europe during the 19th century, the uinification of italy and germany etc etc etc..

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    * 1800: The Company of Surgeons are awarded their Royal Charter and became The Royal College of Surgeons of England.

    * 1800: The inception of the Second Great Awakening for the United States.

    * 1801: The Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland merge to form the United Kingdom.

    * 1801–15: Barbary War between the United States and the Barbary States of North Africa

    * 1803: The United States buys out France's territorial claims in North America via the Louisiana Purchase. This begins the U.S.'s westward expansion to the Pacific referred to as its Manifest Destiny which involves annexing and conquering land from Mexico, Britain, and Native Americans.

    * 1804: Haiti gains independence from France and becomes the first black republic.

    * 1804: Austrian Empire founded by Francis I.

    * 1804–15: Serbian revolution erupts against the Ottoman rule.

    * 1805–48: Muhammad Ali modernizes Egypt.

    * 1806: Holy Roman Empire dissolved as a consequence of the Treaty of Lunéville.

    * 1807: Kingdom of Great Britain declares the Slave Trade illegal.

    * 1808–09: Russia conquers Finland from Sweden in the Finnish War.

    * 1808–14: Spanish guerrillas fight in the Peninsular War.

    1816: Shaka rises to power over the Zulu kingdom

    * 1810: The University of Berlin, the world's first research university, is founded. Among its students and faculty are Hegel, Marx, and Bismarck. The German university reform proves to be so successful that its model is copied around the world

    * 1810s–20s: Most of the Latin American colonies free themselves from the Spanish and Portuguese Empires after the Mexican War of Independence and the South American Wars of Independence.

    * 1812: The French invasion of Russia is a turning point in the Napoleonic Wars.

    * 1812–15: War of 1812 between the United States and the United Kingdom

    * 1813–1907: The contest between the British Empire and Imperial Russia for control of Central Asia is referred to as the Great Game.

    * 1815: The Congress of Vienna redraws the European map. The Concert of Europe attempts to preserve this settlement, but it fails to stem the tide of liberalism and nationalism that sweeps over the continent.

    * 1815: Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo brings a conclusion to the Napoleonic Wars and marks the beginning of a Pax Britannica which lasts until 1870.

    * 1816: Year Without a Summer: Unusually cold conditions wreak havoc throughout the Northern Hemisphere, likely caused by the 1815 explosion of Mount Tambora.

    * 1816–28: Shaka's Zulu kingdom becomes the largest in Southern Africa.

    * 1819: The modern city of Singapore is established by the British East India Company.

    * 1820: Liberia founded by the American Colonization Society for freed American slaves

    * 1821–27: Greece becomes the first country to break away from the Ottoman Empire after the Greek War of Independence.

    * 1823–87: The British Empire annexed Burma (now also called Myanmar) after three Anglo-Burmese Wars.

    * 1825: Erie Canal opened connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

    * 1826–28: After the final Russo-Persian War, the Persian Empire took back territory lost to Russia from the previous war.

    * 1825–28: The Argentina-Brazil War results in the independence of Uruguay.

    * 1830: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is established on April 6, 1830.

    * 1830: July Revolution in France.

    * 1830: The Belgian Revolution in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands led to the creation of Belgium.

    * 1830: Greater Colombia dissolved and the nations of Colombia (including modern-day Panama), Ecuador, and Venezuela took its place.

    * 1831: France invades and occupies Algeria.

    * 1833: Slavery Abolition Act bans slavery throughout the British Empire.

    * 1834: Spanish Inquisition officially ends.

    * 1834–59: Imam Shamil's rebellion in Russian-occupied Caucasus.

    * 1835–36: The Texas Revolution in Mexico resulted in the short-lived Republic of Texas.

    * 1836: The Battle of the Alamo.

    * 1837–1838: Rebellions of 1837 in Canada.

    * 1837–1901: Queen Victoria's reign is considered the apex of the British Empire and is referred to as the Victorian era.

    * 1838-40: Civil war in the Federal Republic of Central America led to the foundings of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.


    * 1839-60: After two Opium Wars, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Russia gained many concessions from China resulting in the decline of the Qing Dynasty.

    * 1840: New Zealand is founded, as the Treaty of Waitangi is signed by the Maori and British.

    * 1844: First publicly funded telegraph line in the world - between Baltimore and Washington - sends demonstration message on May 24, ushering in the age of the telegraph.

    * 1844: Millerite movement awaits t

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