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Need advice asap please best anwser =10pt =}?

ok so me and my ex are still friends and he has a girlfriend now and they have been going out for like 1yr i think.and like i still kinda like him but i know he has a gf and thats the least i can do is repect that even though his gf hates me for no reason it might be because im prettier than her but anyway he texted me the other day and was like i cant talk to you anymore i was like why and he said because,im sorry =[ and so my sister texted him and was like so why cant you talk to my sister and he said my gf mary (canged the name) wont let me she said i cant talk to her anymore i was like wow what a controling litte freak ...i guess she doent trust him ......what do you think about this isnt it shity or what

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    maybe you should take the hint and back off! i can completely understand why the GF might not want her BF to be texting an ex! wouldn't you be the same! let him get on with his life if he wanted you he would be with you not her! move on!!

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    Put yourself in the GF's position. Would you want your BF to be texting a former GF? You need to have respect for their relationship and back off. If at some point he decides to break up with the current girl, you can pursue him. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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