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gay depression...pls. help!?

Anyone out there???can you help me get rid of my depression. I dont really understand myself seems that i am lost, leaving for nothing but trouble in my mind. i know that my case is never new.. I really understand that in my heart, i gay but it seems that i am having problem in resolving it..i cant accept the fact that i am gay...i've been very denial and hate myself for being like this. I know that i have never choose to be like this, it's in my heart and i know i cant change my feeling. This makes me very depress coz i dont what to do...I even tried to commit suicide because i really felt that no matter what i do, god hates me for being like this...can anybody tell me what's happening to me and what's the best thing to do to finally end up my depression. If i could talk to god to recreate me, i will never choose to be like this..i really hate this...i cant help myself to stop my feeling.........................please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hello younger friend,

    Many of us have experienced this hard time when we are faced with the truth of our sexuality and the acceptation of our difference. There is alas nothing you can do against your nature. Neither you nor anyone of us did choose to come on earth as a Gay person. It occurred. Why, we don't know? Only God knows which his purpose is for us. But you have a life to live, to enjoy and being Gay, though once in a while it will be tough on you especially because of the rodent groundless homophobia, but all in all, it is about living a good life. You are not a sexuality, you are a human being filled up with potentials and believe itr or not but your homosexuality is among these. Do you know that a larger portion of artists, musicians, writers ... etc are homosexuals. Their difference brings to them a creativity many others lack. You must accept your difference and learn to live with it. Happiness does not come from others or circumstances, it comes from within. Don't be ashamed of who you are. Learn about your difference and learn to live with it without shame and anxiety. It does not mean you have to walk with a board on your forehead "I'm Gay", now it is for your innerself, the certitude that you are a dear child of God and that you are a very special and gifted person who can bring his stone to the world.

    Why dop you try to join help groups of young Gay persons and / or try to have some Gay friends to share with them your worries, your anxieties.

    You can not change who you are and noone can do it for you either. So the sooner you'll accept to live your difference, the sooner you'd be happy again but also the sooner you will commence to live for the purpose God made you.

    Feel free to write to me, but please don't commit any crazyness. Life is a gift and even if it came to you not in the way you would have liked it, it is still worth leaving. think about all those who miss members, who are sick. Homosexuality is not a sickness, it is adifference but even more it is a new potentiality for your life. So learn to enjoy it!


  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    about 5 years ago, I started to fall into a really depressive episode. At first I thought it was only because I had a bad break from a relationship but the feelings wouldn't go away even after I got a new girlfriend. It was wrecking my life until a point where it was seriously affecting my work and personal life.

    She was very worried but at the same time couldn't understand why I was still sad and thought that I still couldn't let go of my previous relationship. Being the wonderful person that she is, she put aside her feelings and suggested I go for psychiatric evaluation. Many months later and even more anti-depressants, I was not coming close to being better at all.

    After doing some research online, I found out the real cause as you described it really makes a lot of sense and purchased this program. The results were simply astonishing. I read this book over three times and put all words in action. Using this method, I've kept my depression at bay ever since. Up to date I'm still living happily with my girlfriend.

    Depression Free Method?

  • 1 decade ago


    Getting together with a gay-friendly therapist can do WONDERS to help resolve internalized homophobia and to help one come to terms with being gay.

    If you are religious (and I am), there really are gay-friendly therapists who will also help you resolve the religious conflicts which often go with being gay. I kept my faith AND my homosexuality: no one is going to pull these apart because they're both an integral part of me.

    Also: meds can *really* help. I fell into what seemed like a bottomless pit a decade ago which turned out to be major depression compounded by a thyroid gland which had failed (that runs all throughout my family). Antidepressants and synthroid worked *wonders* to resolve that.

  • 1 decade ago

    toby, do not do anything stupid like kill urself. I used 2 be just like u, I denied it forever and i was in a depression, and godloves u okay? Gay people are here on earth to show other people to accept and tolerate. God loves u. U are unique. I used to wish I wasnt gay, justaccept urself for who u are, soes it really matter who u sleep with? Does that make u a person-no it doesnt!

    Toby, my gay brother, go see a therapist, he will help u out of the depression and show u that ur just as good as anybody else.

    Love, John.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Does God make mistakes? Of course not, so you are what you are because God wanted you to be Gay. Try to find a gay friendly therapist to help you. Google "LGBT Center" and include in the search the nearest city to where you live. Call the Center, they will help you and/or direct you to a gay friendly therapist.

    Don't give up on life yet, try to get some help... YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is someone who can help you if you only try to find them...

  • Max P
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Ok. First off, let go of that bloody god who always hates people who're not in accordance with what he said through a book. What a fairy tale!!!!

    Second, just accept it. What else can you do? I know it's scary of the thoughts that what other people will think of you and what you'll do next!

    And, one can't stop what people want to think and say!! WHY BOTHER!! can you stop them? NO. So, just don't tell anyone if you think you don't have to. You deserve happiness. Everyone deserves happiness. Don't make a hell for yourself by frustrating and denying your sexuality. Just accept it. LOVE yourself.

    Anyway, be calm and really think about it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Well I know how to fix this so don't worry.

    You need to accept who you are.

    I know that sounds impossible, but being Gay is not a bad thing at all. It can be a great life once you accept yourself and be happy.

    I wish you luck.

    Sincerely, Zach

  • 1 decade ago

    Toby, who do you think made you like this? Maybe God?

    Yea... So really, he's trying to give you a lesson, that you need to learn how to deal with something different and accept yourself. There will be many bumps on this path, but you can overcome them easily if you put your mind to it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sweetie, God made you this way, he still loves you no matter what if you believe in him! theres nothing wrong with being gay, if God didnt want anyone to be gay then there wouldnt be gay people. but its just the way some of us are.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Don't worry. Although many homophobes would like to say that being Gay is a phase, it isn't. The only part of being Gay that's a phase is the denial part, which in time you will grow out of. =)

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