Fellow Rep/Conservatives: Have you considered this positive aspect of Obama become President today?

(I am as conservative as they come)

Have you considered this positive aspect of Obama becoming President today:

My wife works in an inner-city school district, nearly 100% black. That's just her calling and she loves her work as a teacher to black children who are very poor and have no feeling of hope. They don't feel apart of this country...most feel they are "less" than an American.

Do you wonder why so many are angry, turn to crime and drugs?

Understand most of their role models are rap artist who hate everything good, abuse women and glorify everything that is wrong, drugs, crime and being a gangster.

President Obama...for the FIRST time gives them a quality BLACK man to look up to, he isn't hip-hop, he speaks clearly and with intelligence and purpose. He is a great man in their eyes who is trying to change America for the good.

EVERY black child today has REAL hope, something to look at with Pride and honor...he is the leader of the Free-World today in white America.

Do we disagree with Obama....yes, but let us see this postive aspect for our fellow Americans.

We will have our chance in 4 years....but today belongs to all of us, we stand as Americans to watch this exchange of power.

I ask you to keep in your mind....millions of young black faces, old black faces, please try to understand what this mean to them and why!

We will again have our day...BUT today let us be as men & women of honor...let us take off our hat's and honor this moment for what it is!

Today my friends we ALL win something!

Have you considered?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Thank you. And if there is a God, may He bless you.

  • lrd00a
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    1 decade ago

    But there ARE quality black men (I'm still on the fence about Obama in that category).

    Bill Cosby


    Michael Steele

    Colin Powell

    Morgan Freeman

    Clarence Thomas

    These men just aren't highlighted as role models, but rather gangsta rappers putting on their "prison chic", and modeling for an underclass.

    The racist liberal establishment are fronting these "role models" in popular culture so they can keep black people in this stereotype and calling them "white" or "Uncle Tom" if they dare try to better themselves.

    It's sheer bullsh**.

  • 1 decade ago

    While I don't completely agree with you on the young black view of role models (I am black in my 20's and have seen many positive role models in my day), I appreciate you acknowledging someone else's views and ways this election mean so much. I haven't heard of very many conservatives considering both sides, so kudos to you! This is a chance to bring both sides together to bring the country back on its feet.

  • 1 decade ago

    We aren't paying Obama to be a role model for black children. Being the President of the United States of America isn't about how many children you can get to look up to you, its about running the nation and doing so in a way that signifies the voices of the people you have been chosen to represent. Obama is all about himself and his wife. His policies and the ones that he hopes to enact are not what the American people want, yet so many voted for him. It's good that black school children have the opportunity to see a successful black man doing something other than singing, but they could have seen that before in others. They could have seen that before in Obama himself. He was a senator from Illinois. That, in itself, is a success. There are black leaders all over the nation, but they are never pointed out to these children... until now. It took a black man getting to the highest office in the land before these children could be proud and feel like Americans? That's not saying anything except that there are obviously poor examples being used. What about all of the successful black lawyers that they could look up to? Where were they before now? What about the black teachers in schools? They have college degrees. What about the A.A. doctors, businessmen and women, military officers and enlisted men and women, college professors? Where were they before now? Why arent they going around into the schools and helping these children? The millions of young blacks across the nation have had role models before now that they could look up to, but those people were never good enough to make them feel like they could succeed.

    Is it a historic day in America? Sure, but not because Obama is our first black President. It's historic because so many Americans were dumb enough to buy into his crap, just like any other politicians crap, and not see it for what it was because he is black. IF any other politician had come out with the same campaign, it would have been blown off as more political BS... yet they say that it is the southern uneducated white people who are racist.

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  • 1 decade ago

    With all due respect...... you write "Obama...... a quality black man..."??!! WHAT?? Where have YOU been? With all the dirty laundry this man has under his belt and you call him a man of quality?! Your standards must be really, really, really, low.

    Addressing the rest of your post..... I don't wear a hat and honoring the dishonorable is not what honorable people do. Furthermore, we don't ALL win when injustice is so shamelessly rewarded, cheered and celebrated. If you want to put your head in the sand, that's fine, most everyone does at some point in their life........ just don't stay there too long.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Don't kid yourself into thinking inner city crime will drop because Obama is president, if those people commit crimes because they're poor then they'll still be committing them during Obamas presidency since they'll still be poor. The same thing was said in Chicago with the election of it's first black mayor but nothing changed, there's still crime and poverty and always has been.

  • 1 decade ago

    You bring up a good point. I applaud your outlook. We all need to look at the positive side of any situation.

    I think he would have a better impact if he had earned it with experience and accomplishments. I think there are so many better qualified black people than Mr. Obama.

    I believe the white house was sold to the highest bidder. The party that out-spent and out-spun won.

    Source(s): I read, I listen, and I think.
  • 1 decade ago

    MLK has a PhD.

    You wrote "for the FIRST time gives them a quality BLACK man to look up to".

    And as Obama has said, a major problem is absentee fathers. Every 35 seconds a child is born out of marriage in the U.S..

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I have. I also have defended his decision to have his mother-in-law live in the White House to help out with the children. I think that is a beautiful thing; out of all I have lost in life, I miss my family most.

    I heartily agree with you. May we all learn from this experience.

  • Deb
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Martin Luther King Jr, Bill Cosby, Sammy Davis Jr.

    So how is Obama the only one they can look up to and emulate?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You Mister Liberal is what is wrong with the world, you have no concept of reality.

    You know Liberals do a lot of lying but you just don't have what it takes to pull off being a Conservative

    Source(s): EDIT: Ok in two years put on a nice leather sports jacket and a pair of $180.00 tennis shoes and walk through any big city black area. If you come out the other side cold, barefooted and broke consider yourself lucky, you still have your life.
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