What car companies own Hyundai stocks?

I was wondering which car company still owns Hyundai stocks?

In the past Daimler-Chrysler used to own 10% of the company, but they sold their share a few years ago and prior to that Mitsubishi had a small stake in Hyundai as well.

Now I'm wondering if Mitsu still does have any Hyundai stocks? Or is there any other car company that does as well?

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    Hyundai Kia Automotive Group own Hyundai Stocks, DaimlerChrysler in 2004 sold its ownings of this company its 10%

    In 1998, after a shake-up in the Korean auto industry caused by overambitious expansion and the Asian financial crisis, Hyundai acquired rival Kia Motors.

    In 2000, the company established a strategic alliance with DaimlerChrysler and severed its partnership with the Hyundai Group.

    In 2001, the Daimler-Hyundai Truck Corporation was formed.

    In 2004, however, DaimlerChrysler divested its interest in the company by selling its 10.5 percent stake for $900 million.

    Hyundai Kia Automotive group owns these Business & Subsidiaries.


    * Hyundai Motor Company (Drive your way)

    * Kia Motors (The Power to Surprise)

    Auto parts

    * Hyundai Mobis

    * Kefico

    * Dymos

    * Hyundai Powertech

    * Wia

    * Bontech

    * Wisco

    * Metia Industry

    * Hyundai Enercell

    * Hyundai Oil Bank

    * Eco Plastic

    * IHL Industry

    * Hyundai Autonet


    * Hyundai Steel

    * Hyundai Hysco

    * BNG Steel

    Railroad vehicle and defence products

    * Rotem

    Advertising agencies

    * Innocean Worldwide

    Technical development

    * NGV Corporation

    Electrical holdings

    * Eco Energy


    * GLOVIS

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    Either Kia owns all of Hyundai or Hyundai owns all of Kia now.

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