Studying in the U.S.A with a student visa or also a non-immigrant visa question that needs to be answered thx?

I was wondering, if you are in america with a student visa, are you allowed to work off campus? yes i already know you cannot work off campus but if you were a student and later on you were offer a job and the company was willingness to sponsor you? would i be able to work for that company and aslo ask permission from the us consulate before even start working for them, obviously the paper as to be approve before you can work. Once its been approve can you work and study at the same time? my second question i want to ask, If you have a non-immigrant or applying for one can you ask the us consulate to put a notation on the visa to say i will be a prospect student so it be easy for me to change to student visa? or adjust to a working visa with a B1/B2 visa if you been offered a job? hope this make sense, if not sorry, thank you so much for your time.

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    You can work off campus 20 hours a week (40 hours) when school is not in session) if the international student office at your school feels the work is relevant to the degree you are earning.

    For example, my daughter, a Canadian in graduate school on an F-1, is working 20 hours a week for a safety institute doing research on mine safety.

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