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Where can I learn to speak Italian? =)?

I really want to learn Italian & can you teach me some basic Italians? Where can I learn to speak Italian? I think it’s a really cool language :]

If any of my Contacts are reading this, yes, I want to learn Italian coz of Katekyou Hitman Reborn! lol XDDD

The only Italian that I know is:

<> Il mio en nome e ____ (my name is _____ )

<> Ciao (hi/bye)

<> Arrivederci (see you again)

Can you give me a site to learn Italian?

Or teach me some basic Italian?


<> I love.... [subject]

<> I like that

<> I live in.... [Malaysia]

<> My best friend is.../My best friends are...

Thanks in advance.



Oppss... my bad ^___^""

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  • juulen
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    1 decade ago
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    OMG! I wanna learn Italian also! But I don't know much........I'm just too lazy to search but I found this!!:

    Yeah, so here's some sites for basic phrases, pronunciations, and a lot of other stuff. But it's really useful, that's for sure!! ^_^ <<<<Includes sound clips for pronunciation of letters

    I luv Katekyo Hitman REBORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanna join the Mafia!!

  • 4 years ago

    Hi! I'm italian,i write you from italy. I live in north of italy and i speak obviously italian., The spanish and the italian aren't the same thing. If you want,I can help you to learn english with a correspondant in the world. I'm in a "Students of the world community" and here the people can have a conversation with mail with a foreign people. If you want I give you my mail after you read my message. You can send me a message private in answer. Bye .

  • 1 decade ago

    O.o" thats some major KHR obsession you''ve got there lol

    and i was wondering what "Arrivederci" means >.>"

    Welllll.. you could go but a English-Italian dictionary for starters..

    I have one but its Japanese-English and its really helpful when i wanted to learn japanese ^-^

    Oh and those self teaching books, i have one too for japanese, they tell you about some simple sentences first like "Hello" , "How are you" "Good Day" etc. and how to construct the sentences etc and pronounciations.

    But, first you have to make sure if you really want to learn Italian.. cuz i said the same thing about japanese now its uh..>.>" the 2 books are currently covered in dust..

    You could also take Italian Language classes.. My mom forced me to take spanish and i didnt learn cuz i hated it, but if you really want to then language classes are very useful.

    Anyways.. i suggest you start with buying that self teaching book i told you about, its not that expensive most will have only about a hundred pages or so and are easy to understand. You have to learn the basics first so start with that.

    They're also inexpensive.. i got mines for P200 / $ 4 and its really good..

    >.>" as for the words.. i know nothing about that..*points to the guy above me* he helped yah soo..^-^ yeah..

    Oh yeah you could also try to just google learning how to speak in italian.. but seriously buying the books is much easier..

    Try this- it looks helpful ^_^

    Anywayssss good luckkk ^_^

  • Hi! I'm italian and i'm a big fan of KHR!

    Ciao! Sono italiano e sono un grande fan di KHR!

    My prefer character is Hayato Gokudera!

    Il mio personaggio preferito è Hayato Gokudera!

    My name is Roberto

    Il mio nome è Roberto

    i'm 25 years old

    Io ho 25 anni

    i live in Milan, in North-Italy

    Io vivo a Milano, nel Nord Italia.

    I hope to see you soon!

    Spero di vederti presto!

    Bye bye

    Ciao ciao!

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  • 1 decade ago

    The best way is through a school but there are some really good cd and language book. I have put together a list of the best ones:

    For some good links to online Italian learning resources check out:

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    just google Italian language help for beginners.It will save you the 10 pts.But since you are too lazy to do it yourself,here is a good website:

  • Layla
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    1 decade ago

    If you want we can chat on msn... ^^ I live in Italy! ^^ You could send me an e-mail with your msn adress.. I'd be glad to chat with you 'cause I really love english! and it would be usefull for you to learn Italian! ^^

  • 1 decade ago

    I can add you on MSN or on Facebook, if you want. My English isn't perfect, but I like it and I can speak it very well. I taught Italian language to my Malaysian friends (talking on Team Speak), so you can do it.


    What?? ARE YOU MALAYSIAN??! You must know that now you are mine. I love Malaysian guys.

    Send me a private message! :p

    " SELAMAT MALAM!! Apa khabar, khabar baik? " (I speak a bit of Malay).

    I know:

    selemat pagi;

    selamat petang;

    selamat malam;


    ... then I forgot!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it is actually 'il mio nome è/mi chiamo'. 'en' is not a word in italian.

    there are tons of sites that you can use to learn. just google 'learn italian'. but livemocha is very good, too.

    i don't really know what to translate for you, so i'll just translate what you put there:

    i love...mi piace tanto (mee pee-ACH-eh)

    i like that...questo mi piace (KWES-to mee pee-ACH-eh)

    i live in in malesia (VEE-vo een mal-EH-zee-ah)

    my best friend mio miglior amico è (eel meeo meel-YOR am-EE-co EH) my best friends are...i miei amici migliori sono (ee myey am-EE-chee meel-YOR-ee soh-no)

    EDIT: ma perché ci saranno pollici verso??? (why are there thumbs down?)

    EDIT: arrivederci: a-at/to, rri-again, veder(e)-to see, ci-us. 'we'll see eachother again' >(: {)

    Source(s): native italian ogni senso.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I can teach you...=D

    Mia namo ish Bela! Mia ish crazy-i!

    See, that's the REAL Italian ^.^....*cough* >.>

    Bel: What's with the coughing? o.O'''' are you tricking me?

    Me: Of course not! I'm just sick today ^.^

    Bel: Riightt O.e....

    No for real, i'm half Italian!! I'm married to Hayato!! T.T...See! *shows you ring*...Shiny, isn't it? =D

    Sorry for invading your important question for some stupid randomness >.>....I just couldn't help it....I'll make it up to ya and say somethin' nice about you in my next poll =D (not true, i neva say something nice to the C&A regs, haha! >=])

    Guh!! I'm just gonna shut up >_<

    -have a nice day~! =D

    Source(s): !~!ME!~!
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