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How many people have died in the Iraq war? Bush's legacy.?

I have heard that one or two million. That 4 million were displaced.

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    900,000 dead Iraqi, from Lancet and John Hopkins University figures. 2 million refugess displaced within Iraq, and 2 million Iraqis forced to flee to countries like Jordon and Syria. Those 2 million having very difficult time and women resort to prostitution. 4200 dead US soldiers, think it's about the same or less of US contractors ( a number not widely reported) 25,000 US soldiers with sever injuries.

    Agree with above re the Iraq body count, but that is the Lancet and John Hopkins will count people who died from cholera...which prior to our invasion had not been problem. etc.

    90,000 or 900,000. For a country that was not a threat to US. Terrible. (and hundreds still in Iraq prisons, held for years without charge, including kids)

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    A little over 4000 US soldiers and about 80,000-100,000 civilians*. And some number of terrorists/suicide bombers, but I tend not to think of them as people, so I'm not including them in my calculations.

    Somewhere between 84,000-104,000 people.

    (*An overwhelming majority comes from Shiite attacks on Sunnis, or vice versa)

    When you factor in the 60 million+ Iraqis saved from an oppressive dictator, I say Bush ends up +60 million lives.

    Who else has that kind of legacy? FDR/Truman I suppose, but no one else.


    Ha, 804,000-104,000 is a strange statistic.

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    Deaths in Iraq are in the thousands, not millions, with roughly 4k-5k being US military deaths. Saddam killed and tortured more of his own people than coalitions forces ever did. Thanks to President Bush, his advisers, the military, CIA, FBI, and the sacrifices those soldiers made we have not had another attack on US soil since 9/11. President Bush took the fight to their soil and liberated two countries.

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    Bush is by far the worst president ever in history he created more federal debt then any other president in the country and killed millions of innocent people with his wars he caused.

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    Those are liberal lies. Deaths have been minimal. Millions of Iraqis are free, and millions of Americans were saved from Saddam Hussien.

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    is it countable??and he has to live with that for the rest of his life...i hate to think what it would be like to be him in the afterworld

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    Documented civilian deaths count around 90,442 – 98,731 -

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