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Why didn't hitler make a treaty with france and england against the soviets instead of attacking poland?

ok so instead of attacking poland and starting a war with france and england, why didn't hitler just make a treaty with Britain against russia. After all, the europeans all hated communism and the soviets were a huge threat to them. England also definately wanted to avoid a war with germany. Also hitler said he respected Britain and therefore probably didnt want to go to war with them if he didnt have too. With all of germanys might on the eastern front i think the soviets would have been finished and hitlers dreams from mein komp realized. The nazis(instead of the soviets) might have even recieved help from the allies. I mean in the end it was basically a war between the nazis and the soviets anyway so why not????ideas??


um ok maybe europe didnt hate communism but the soviet union was definately a threat to the balance of power and i think some people got the answer that satisfies me...hitler would never ally with these people because of ww1 and how he used hate to rise to power....however had he used this scenario i think hitler might even be celebrated as a great leader and liberator of communism especially in america and germany might be really big and powerful today

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    He was too busy paying back war reparations from WWI which were crippling his country. If he had made an alliance with France and Britain he would have been making an endorsement of paying those reparations which was causing widespread homelessness and hunger in Germany. He would have lost support amongst the German people and the Nazi party would have been ousted. A Franco German or Brit German alliance would have ended Hitlers power.

    It was much easier for him to get Germans to hate those countries, unite around his leadership and attempt to take over Europe, which he almost did if it werent for the British Royal Air Force.

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    Hitler's intention from the beginning was to expand eastwards as outlined in "Mein Kampf" .

    His treaty with the Soviet Union was to give them a false sense of security.

    Stalin had tried to have a treaty with Britain in the 1930s but had been rejected so he thought that a treaty with Germany would give him some security.

    Hitler had no intention of fighting France and Britain but this was forced on him when they declared war on Germany after his invasion of Poland

    I doubt if Hitler would have been hailed as any sort of Liberator if he had succeded because his intention was always to use the people to the east as slaves, he considered them untermensch in the same way that white Americans considered the blacks

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    You should read Hitler's book Mein Kampf. Hitler had the intention from the beginning to conquer England, Russia and all of Europe. He only made the non aggression pact with Russia so that he wouldn't have to fight on 2 fronts at the same time.

    Hitler believed that he would quickly conquer Europe (which he did), then England; and then after that he planned on attacking Russia. He was not able to conquer England as soon as he wanted because of The USA's aid to England.

    Apparently Hitler got frustrated about not conquering England quickly and attacked Russia before he had originally planned to. Apparently Hitler thought that it would be a quick job to conquer Russia before winter set in because he never ordered winter clothing for his troups on the Russian front.

    No one knows why Hitler attacked Russia before he defeated England but make no mistake, Hitler wanted to conquer as much of the world as he could (including the USA) and planned on taking over, all of Europe, England and Russia before the first bullit was shot by one of his troups.

    Victory in WW2 was not a forgone conclusion for the Allies. Even near the end, if Hitler had put his first jet engines into fighter aircraft rather than bomber aircraft or of he had won the race to develop the atom bomb, the outcome could have been different. All of Europe, England, Russia, and the Eastern 1/2 of the USA could be speaking German right now.

    If Hitler had done that, after he had consolidated his power, he would never have let the Japaneze continue to have the Eastern 1/2 of the world. Hitler was a firm believer in Evolution and believed that the different races were creatures at different stages of evolution. He believed that the Aryan race was fully human and that all Asians were 100% animal. He didn't think that they were even part human which he granted to people like the French or Polish.

    Source(s): 65 y/o and a life long interest in WW2. Mein Kampf, the autobiography of Franz von Pappen.
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    No WW2 was not inevitable because Hitler cam to power. It was however inevitable that ww2 would have happened sooner or later due to the Treaty of Versailles. he Treaty of Versailles was received very badly within Germany. The nation had been blamed entirely for the first world war and had been forced to pay compensation to the allies under the war guilt clause of the treaty. The war guilt clause not only made the Germans accept responsibility for the war but also cost them dearly. 10% of German lands were lost as a result, all of Germany's overseas colonies were taken away and shared between the allies and a massive 12.5% of the German population found itself living outside of the new German borders. These terms had several very dramatic consequences on Germany. Initially they refused to sign the treaty and opted to scuttle the fleet in protest. The economy was ruined as much of the produce and profit had to be sent to the allies as reparations payments. This meant that the German economy was unable to recover itself. The disarmament of the armed forces was viewed as an embarrassment and the Germans felt very insecure about their inability to defend themselves: it also meant a loss of status as military power means that a nation has political clout. The German people felt bitter that they were excluded from the league of nations and enforced to live by other peoples rules. These problems resulted in disillusionment and animosity entering German politics. In 1922 they fell behind with reparations repayments and had to suffer the humiliation of French troops entering the Ruhr to secure payments. The Weimar government was unable to reasons, it hadn't the means to react in any feasible way: a government endorsed strike led to the deaths of 100 workers, shot by the French. The treaty led, either directly or indirectly, to a situation in Germany where the people felt let down, they wanted to blame someone. It led to economic problems and a lack of food or jobs. These in turn lead to further economic problems, and eventually to the German hyperinflation of the mid twenties.

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    Hitler also invaded Austria, Holland, Finland, France, etc. He didn't want allies in his plans for conquest and world domination, although he was briefly allied with the USSR, and had more lasting alliances with Italy, Spain and Portugal, all fascist governments at the time.

    Note: Europe did not hate communism. The Resistance in France and Italy was mostly led by socialists and they were largely admired in the post-war period. Today, there are highly respected Socialist Parties all over Europe, and there have been several socialist presidents in the last 40 years. I thought this was common knowledge. . .

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    Poland he was going to have no matter what because of territorial disputes in the past. Attacking England was a major flaw you are right. He had enough respect for them, that he should have left them alone and attacked Russia possibly receiving aid from them. Also if he did that, he most likely could have convinced Japan to attack from the east which would have been a two front war for the Russians and they would never have lasted. I believe he did what he did, because of even more territorial disputes (for resources etc.) in France and he knew England would never break their treaty with the Frogs. Now had he completed the invasion of England earlier on instead of ending the London blitz and launched ground forces in England, then waited for his forces to recuperate and at that point turn his attention to Russia with Japans help, who knows what could have happened. Interesting theories though. He just made mistake after mistake and even with the greatest army on earth he couldn't recover from those blunders among others.

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    Because neither Britain or France would trust Germany after the failures of appeasement. Germany had to go east into Poland to link East Prussia with the rest of Germany which was divided by the Danzig Corridor, the existence of the free port of Danzig was protected by international agreement.

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    Because Hitler believed in Aryan(teutonic) purity- and joining forces with any other nation, defeats this purpose.

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    its easy to say what he should have done 70 odd years later.

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