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nursing school titer comes back not immune?

i just had my titers drawn for nursing school clinicals and the measles says im not immune.I have my childhood shot record and i was vaccinated now i don't know what to do. i'm pregnant and can not be vaccinated again .anyone else heard of this and any suggestions

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    While not common, it does occur that some people do not have a measurable immunity after vaccination. I know of a couple of patients who are (likely) older than you who had both rubella and rubeola (German Measles and Measles) as children and later had negative titers and were given the vaccine and were still negative. One had the vaccine twice and remains negative. People who have had the series of 2 vaccinations will be immune 99% of the time, but not all people will develop a measurable immunity.

    Although the titer of vaccine-induced antibodies is lower than that following natural disease, both serologic and epidemiologic evidence indicate that vaccine-induced immunity appears to be long-term and probably lifelong in most persons. Most vaccinated persons who appear to have lost the antibody response on an immune titer show an anamnestic immune response upon revaccination. This indicates that they are probably still immune. Although revaccination can increase antibody titer in some persons, studies indicate that the increased titer may not be sustained. Some studies indicate that secondary vaccine failure (waning immunity) may occur after successful vaccination, but this appears very rarely and to play only a minor role in measles transmission and outbreaks.

    You will want to discuss this with your obstetrician, and they may follow up after your pregnancy. If your school requires some documentation, you may need a consult with an immunologist to advise the school.

    Good luck with your pregancy and childbirth, and school as well.

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