This question is in regards to the History of the Native Americans..... READ ON>>>>>>?

1. How did these early images of each group of people determine their attitudes and actions toward the other group? [In other words, if you lived in Europe and you relied on the images of Aztecs created by the conquistadores, what would you think about all Native American peoples? Remember that the reverse of this image is also important.]

2. Why, then, would you imagine that Europeans (and white Americans) continued to view nonwhites as inferior?

3. Has this perception continued to influence people's thinking today?

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    europeans were shown drawings and paintings of native people that hardly looked human. we were always attacking and killing settlers in those pictures. that helped to justify the genocide that was being committed here and also made the early colonizers seem heroic.

    but lets even talk about today when people should know better. movies still show native people as something from the 19th century. as yourself, when have you seen a movie out of hollywood that has contemporary native american indians in it? you know...21st century natives. not from hollywood.

    so most people still think of us as savage stone aged killers. we never were those things but even 500 years later, too many people have not moved into the present where we are concerned.

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