This is my first time traveling to Sin City(Las Vegas). What is the best hotel to stay at?

I am wanting to plan a trip to Las Vegas(sin city) to visit the Las vegas strip. I don't know how to travel, what is the steps I need to take to have a successful trip? Does anybody have any suggestions on what is the best hotel to stay at there. My friend and I are going half on the room. Thanks for all your help :-)

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    Right now is an excellent time to visit; rates are the lowest they've been in years. I've found the best rates on . Make sure you avoid any days that have special events in town; the rates go up for those. The least expensive and least crowded days of the week are Mon-Wed, with Fri-Sat being the most expensive and crowded. Some people will stay at small motels near the strip, but the room rates end up being about the same as the casino hotels. So, if you're gonna pay the price, stay where the fun is!

    I just stayed at the Stratosphere in December. It looks as if the rooms have been renovated within recent years. The Strat is kind of off by itself, but the location was perfect -- only about 4 or 5 bus stops from Freemont Street (aka, "the old strip" or "downtown") and about 6 stops from the northern end of the strip. Your room also includes a free trip to the top of the tower.

    My brother & sister-in-law stayed at the MGM on their honeymoon; I've stayed there, too; it has a lion's den; overall, it's worth the money. My favorite has been the Monte Carlo; it also has it's own brew pub. Excalibur and Luxor are near the south end of the strip and are both pretty good. My cousin stayed at Harrah's and enjoyed it; the same for Bally's. My brother & sister-in-law have also stayed at Gold Coast, but it is away from the strip, so you'll spend money on taxis. Mandalay Bay, at the very south end of the strip, has a way pool, but I think the rates there are higher. Heck, right now, even the Venetian, which is usually on the high end, is relatively inexpensive when compared to equivalent hotels in other cities.

    I want to try O'Shea's, which is near the middle of the strip. It's one of the last few independent casinos on the strip.

    The bad ones: Don't waste your money on Imperial Palace; in addition to lousy, contentuous management attitude, I found $50 of phony charges on my room bill. Housekeeping at the Flamingo and at Hooters is lousy. When we stayed at Circus Circus, it took 25 hours and mulitple phone calls to get a new light bulb in the bathroom.

    I've heard alot of good things about Golden Nugget and The Four Queens on Freemont Street. The Nugget has some recent renovations, which include a swimming pool with a slide that takes you through a tube in a shark tank. Right now, the Nugget is the top contender in our group for our 2009 trip, but the Strat being a close second.

    Make sure you take time one evening to go to Freemont Street after 6:30 pm. Every half hour they put on a free light show that covers the street. There are also street vendors, musicians, etc. Make sure you visit the "Indian store"; upstairs they have a full size horse statue wearing a handmade, beaded saddle, bridle, etc. Freemont Street is also where they have the big neon cowboy and the neon Glitter Gulch cowgirl. This past December I found out that when Freemont Street was undergoing renovations, they put both of these neon folks on the street next to each other and married them! Official license and all!

    Shortly after our group arrives in Vegas each year, we make a stop at CVS or Walgreens. There are several on the strip and they charge nearly the same rates at other locations. Instead of $2.00-$2.50 for a 20-ounce soda in the hotel vending machines, we get a 2-liter bottle for about $1.39 and keep it in the room.

    If you're interested in seeing more than just the casinos, check out these websites:

    the official website of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority:

    the official city of Las Vegas website:

    also try

    There are a bunch of other hotels, but I haven't stayed at them, so I can't give a fair perspective, but if you go to, you can read guests' ratings of the different locations.

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    There are many many good hotels in Vegas. The "best" could mean many things. It depends your age, your budget, your interests, etc. Paris is a good hotel for younger people. They have a great spa. Many of the other hotels you can walk through and there are so many neat ones, you'll want to explore.

    While you are there, be sure the see the Hover Dam - it's an amazing piece of history. The Fountains are really worth seeing also.

    If you have more specific questions on traveling, feel free to email me and I can help you out. "How to travel" is such a huge topic though, not sure what all to include in this format.

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    I recommend Harrah's or Bally's. Great location with a reasonable price. Alot of people will tell you Bellagio, Paris, Venetian or MGM, and they are nice, but not worth spending the money for the little amount of time that you will be in the room on your first trip. Have fun!!!

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    There are many luxurious Hotels in Vegas. Bellagio is pretty nice. If this is your first time to travel, then that's good, if you have a travel agent, he or she can assist you on this trip as well..

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    two words for you THE LUXOR its the best they have nice show there for example BELIEVE thats my favorite because criss angel is in it and he is awsome also they have LAX nightclub there wow its gorgues

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