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how much are nose jobs in Peru?

im 17 and i want to get my nose done in Peru,Lima has anyone heard if they are good?..or how much it is?..any good doctors



do you know any good doctors there? ive heard of otto ziegler

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    Peru have excellent doctors, the best of Latin America.

    I would go to the top ones and it will be still of low cost comparing to the USA. Make sure the doctor you are using is well known in the community and make sure he is a graduate doctor from a good university.

    You can pull his record from the medical organization, over there you can find out his complaints, if any.

    Make sure the doctor is located in a upper or upper middle class area of Peru and also take a good look at his environment, his professionalism as well as his team's demeanor and background (like who is the anesthesiologist?), his equipment etc, everything have to be neat because if they mess you up, then you know the justice system isn't as quick as the one in the USA. Sorry to say that but it is not that you can sue them , pretty much if they screw you up then good luck.

    So, make sure you have a good good good one who targets or serves the upper classes in Peru as the upper class people will hang him from a tree if he did bad jobs. If the community is satisfied with his work, then he is an OK doc. Word of mouth have a lot of value in Peru, the word of mouth have lift you pretty quick of leave you out of business.

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    Peru has the best plastic surgeons in latin america, the price of the job will depend on the size of your nose (really!), but, it will never will be as high as it could be here in the states. You can find clinics that will cost you as much as here (Morillas, etc), but also will find some very reliable clinics for a fraction of the price, just be careful, because you'll also find people that will promise you the best nose for one or two grand, they are not reliable.

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    Is a lot better Chile or Argentina. In Chile I can recommend you Dr. Pedro Vidal (if you have the chance to get an appointment) Good Luck

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    $650 dollars very good doctor

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    ew, why are people sooo worried about theres looks?

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