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MTG: Steel Golem and tap?

If I attack with Steel Golem, will its ability still have effect while its tapped?

In other words, does tapping have an effect on a permanent's non-mana ability?


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    Tapping has no effect on any abilities in any way, shape, or form, unless that ability says so directly or requires untapped creatures to be tapped, etc. The "Artifacts have static effects turned off while tapped" ruling is very old and outdated, although it can still be seen on cards like Howling Mine. I believe 4th Edition made that ruling obsolete, although it may have been 6th.

    Also, note that you can play things like Sculpting Steel to make copies of Steel Golem because the Sculpting Steel itself is not a creature; it simply becomes one. Likewise, you can play spells that produce tokens like Scatter the Seeds, Hunting Triad, and so on. Only creatures are locked out by Steel Golem, not spells that create them.

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