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any way to get hair thinner?

ok so i really want to get my hair thinner but i cant any ideas?!

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    Go to your local Cosmetologist or hair dresser's & ask then to thin out your hair.

    They take their sissors and run them down your hair, thinning the unwanted thick hair.

    Honestly; i don't agree with the above, thick hair is a pain, and straightening it just makes it stiff and unmovable.

    TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHO WAS IN YOUR POSITION; i thinned out my hair; its way better & feels so much lighter. :]

    Good luck. :D

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    i have been a hair stylist for 20 years and my suggestion is to go to a stylist and have it thinned the right way there are several ways to do it with thining shears or a razor that slides down the shaft. it works or if you have really thick hair have it layered it takes off the bulk and weight.

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    Try getting it layered this always thins out my hair!

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    I have thick hair

    when i want it to be thin i straighten my hair

    but i think thick hair is pretty

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    dont. i thinned mine out and it looks like i have some disease

    but if you want, go to your hair stylist and ask to get it thinned out :)

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    The stylist can thin it out for you. Or you can get layers.

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    keep ur thick hair...but if u realllly wnat to have it thhiner go to a hairdresser and they can cut it with thinning scissiors

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    Go to you stylist and ask them to thin it out for you.

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    go to a salon and asked for it to be 'thinned'. they take a thinning razor and thin out your hair. it works, my friends have done it.

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    thick hair is beautiful!

    its a sign of fertility::: so keep it!



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