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can you describe me in afew words ?

ok i really want a tattoo that will describe me , who i am and my personality or whatever, so ill explain alot about me and then can you say the first thoughts / words that come to your head ,about me ?

i dont want my name.....

ok i am female apparently i look a little bit like alicia keys,noone can guess my nationality im full australian but most people think im italian, middle eastern, egyption or ect ect... noone can really figure me out and when they think they have i change there mind, apparently i am very attractive lol i dont believe in sex till after engagement im an athiest, im very standofish im a pessimist and never satisfied dont like the human race to much, im upfront and honest alittle extreme very wise but at the same time im an idiot, opinionated, very very good sence of humour although not many people laugh at my jokes except me im cold hearted and cruel but love animals more then anything in the world , i like to be differant and proud of being differant, i have bad anger problems, i was once asked if i have bipolar,my starsign is scorpio and it pretty much totaly describes my personality,although i can be a little insecure

if i was to play a movie part it would probley be catwoman or the joker

alot of people are intimidated by me and some are confused, my friends just crack up laughing and tell me to sit down and try to be normal for once... ok thats enough


honestly i wouldnt make it sound like peacfull cherrie blossoms to you

be honest or ill spill your morning coffee :)


i no odd question but i spoze im a tiny bit odd

apart from that im like any normal teenage girl

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    "very wise but at the same time im an idiot "- you really are truly wise!

    well im not going to offer any suggestions for you, however i would suggest you put a picture up, it would help people think of something that suits your image... for example at the moment based on what you have said, my image of you is a female me... which is quite frankly a bit worrying for me!

    yes, im twisted i know... but still good luck with it :)

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    i would say u need a question mark in your tattoo...maybe your favorite animal in the shape of a ? and have the dot be a scorpion but that is too simple for not sure what to put around it

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    go with a flower; like maybe a white lilly. the joker was partial to them because they squirted water from his lapel. and the catwoman-well like most cats they like milk hence the color white...something for you to consider...

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    Get a Phoenix. It symbolizes re-birth. It seems to match you perfectly.

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    i dont know how to say... ur are materialistic

    I am a Psychology Mantel

    I have Master Of Psychology this Graduate ..

    i know its....

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