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Question for each star signs. ?

And no it is not which star sign tend to cheat or something, but do you like when you get attention of the opposite gender or same gender? Even when you have a significant other? And i don't mean that you cheat right away but just you enjoy that you have attention of someone. And what is your star sign?

Me as a Leo i love to have attention of the opposite gender even sometimes of the same gender it is just me and i'm honest about this.

What about you?


To Scorpio's : Tila Tequila is a Scorpio too but it look like she love the attention of the both sexes?

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    I like attention if I'm deliberately out to get it (eg I'm 'on the hunt'), but really can't stand it if I'm just quietly doing my thing - I find it annoying and disgusting - makes me feel sullied and objectified. It's particularly horrible when guys don't take the hint and just leave you alone.

    I've had a few girls come onto me in my time, to my surprise i quite liked it! For some reason I find it much more flattering than when guys do it. Maybe because I think girls' standards are generally much higher so it's more of a compliment? :)

    I'm a Cancer.

  • Well i notice when i am hyper, i love attention. I will be embarrassing my self purposely to make others laugh As for the partner i want the baztard to worship me inside and out like from head to toe, if he does me that favor i will do the same in return and more!!! but sometimes i do want my space... hey but i still want my partner to miss me lol XD

    Source(s): Asc: Libra Sun: Libra Moon: Cap with a lot of scorpio..
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    I am the same as the person with no name above me i feel like i am cheating if i get loads of attention and i have a partner and i really don't enjoy being the centre of attention it's just not me.

    I am a capricorn so must be a cappy trait x

    Source(s): Cappy girl x
  • When I have a significant other, I almost feel like I'm "cheating" if I get a lot of attention from a member of the opposite sex, so i will try to avoid them.

    I'm not big on getting attention/being the center of attention, anyway.

    I'm a capricorn

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    I'm a Scorpio, and not to sound conceited, but I get lots of attention all the time.

    I just think it has to do with your maturity level, I don't think of myself like "oh yeah, I know I'm all that!" I'm very modest and humble. I guess my laid-back personality makes people drawn to me, I don't know...

    Tila is a Scorpio, but she has alot of Air influences in her chart as well. No two Scorpios are the same -but hey, I like attention from both sexes too!

    Source(s): Double Scorpio :-)
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    Yes I do too. How funny we are opposites and and we both like this (I'm Aquarius) I do like attention, for some reason it makes me feel beautiful and wanted. This is a real problem for my boyfriend and I. He is a Libra and has real trust issues, so this is a reoccurring problem for us.

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    Yep, I love attention. I don't NEED it though, lol. I'm a Gemini.

    I'm a lez but I still get flattered very easily by guys and start giggling and getting nervous, I don't know why, weird I know, lol

    I guess being an actress is the perfect job for me huh. I like this question, get's people to be honest. = )

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    I generally don't like too much attention from the opposite sex,the odd compliment is quite nice but outright attempts at flirting get on my nerves,i find it,yes, insulting.The only time I like is when it's coming from the person I like.

    If someone were to flirt with me knowing I was in a relationship with someone I would politely tell them to f*ck off.

    Source(s): scorpio
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    I prefer not to be centre of anyone else's attention if i have a sig other interested,am very loyal hetero capricorn,tend to agree with the other cap's here,i like males and they like me ,just get along better with them,sexually and non sexually.

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    Being an Aries, I love attention. I love it from multiple partners as well. Just can't help myself.

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