How to break the ice your first year in college?

Its my first year in college and im a lil nervous

Whats a great way to ease up the tension and to get to know my new classmates?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yea, just be yourself.

    act as you normally would around a bunch of friends. if you end up hitting it off with some people be polite and get their names, then go back to being cool with them. then later if you think they're really cool get their number if you plan to hang out sometime.. or just use the number swap to help each other out in the class. (number swapping is not "gay" or anything... it's actually a normal college thing to do since there's a good chance of not seeing each other again after the sem is over)

    just don't force yourself into crowds or be fake.. that can get annoying/creepy.

    just let it happen. do what comes natural. or you can just simply introduce yourself to some people in the class and strike up a conversation yourself. (this is best done while waiting for the class to start) ask where they're from / how their classes are going / how many classes their taking / what major they are.. and let the convo naturally flow from there.

    just have fun.. don't sweat it. :)

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    its hard man, i just finished my first semester at a big university. Best thing to do is make friends with people in your dorm or join a frat, because the classes and campuses are so big you never see the same person twice

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    Be Yourself.

    Don't let others scare you. They are in the same position.

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