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reorder the pdf pages

Hi all,

I have scanned documents of 1000 pages into a pdf file, however because of some problems, the page number is now 1,3,5,7.... and after 999 it becomes 2,4,6,8 till page 1000. The original document is already returned to others and i cannot get it again. Could anybody tell me is there any method to reallocate the pages into order 1,2,3... without printing? thanks a lot.


Hi cythomashk, thanks for your answer. I have tried your method but it doesn't work. I am using acrobat reader 8, do i need to use different version to achieve that?

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    That's easy but time consuming..

    First of all, you need to get a Adobe Acrobat.

    Then, open the pdf with the Acrobat.

    After that you should press the button "Thumbnails" on your left.

    you will find that there will be the small picture of the pages.

    Then, u can start to move them in order.

    YOu can simply move them like normal icons in window.

    Try it~

    2009-01-19 20:25:02 補充:

    you need a Adobe Acrobat (pro), but not a Acrobat reader

    Please get some information at the link below~

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