What does error (0xc000007b) mean?

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I try to start an .exe but I get this message... -------> click the link

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  • Poet answered 5 years ago
I did a quick Google search for this and didn't come up with anything good at first, but then found several articles stating that people who have this error actually have a virus on their computer. After running a virus scan and removing the virus, the 0xc000007b messages disappeared.

Try installing and running a few anti-virus solutions and scanning your computer. Something that simple might help you out.


WORM_KLEZ.E virus causes this error to occur.

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Lastest version of McAffe cannot find a virus.
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  • Noah E answered 5 years ago
    I assume the program is the Age of Mythology expansion pack. If not, I have no idea what that EXE file is. I'd say try to reinstall the game, or if you're using a no-cd fix, try a different one, that one may not work or may not work with your system if it's 64-bit. That doesn't appear to be a known error for that game (see MS link).


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  • Maarek answered 5 years ago
    the browser ran into a bad memory segment. reboot and it will be cleared. if it happens again anywhere else, than run a diagnostic scan and see where the bad files might be linked to. probably the browser which might need to be reinstalled.
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  • Aaren C answered 5 years ago
    the number is just a reference to RAM location like an x, y, z coordinate. Usually, it means that the file downloaded is corrupt and should be re-downloaded(preferably from a different source). Beyond that, all I could say is restart your computer and try again.
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