boyfriend doesn't want to kiss anymore?

my boyfriend and i have been going out for a while, and we've recently been learning about std's and stuff in class. then i find out he doesn't want to kiss me. i start freaking out and i got his friend to ask him whats up. he tells me that my boyfriend doesn't want to kiss me anymore because he's afraid of std's. there's 2 things wrong with this. 1 is that we've kissed before and 2 is that none of us have any std's. what's wrong?


no i don't have bad breath jackass

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    There could be a couple of things going on here:

    1. Your boyfriend doesn't want to kiss you, because he is actually ignorant enough to think you can get a rare STD from kissing.

    Here's some information about getting an STD from kissing:

    "This is possible but not very common. If your partner's mouth is infected with an STD, then he or she may be able to pass that infection to your mouth during a kiss. Fever blisters and cold sores (oral herpes) can be passed through a kiss if your partner is infected. If your partner has an infection in his or her genital area, then kissing on the mouth will not transmit the infection, and blood-borne infections like HIV or Hepatitis B or C can only be passed through kissing if there is the exchange of infected blood."

    If you're young, then having Herpes at this age is rare.

    2. Your boyfriend is using this as a pathetic excuse to not kiss you, because really there is some other reason. Maybe he doesn't like you as a girlfriend anymore, he has feelings for someone else, or he does have a problem with your breath.

    3. Your boyfriend actually feels like he has a problem. Maybe he feels inadequate like he doesn't kiss correctly. Maybe he feels his breath is bad and he is embarrassed about it.

    I would sit him down and flat out ask him why he doesn't kiss you anymore. Ask him if there is something else wrong about you (bad breath, the way you kiss, etc.) or if he feels like there is something wrong with him. Relationships won't succeed unless you are honest with each other and communicate your needs. Right now you need to know the honest truth, and your boyfriend needs to tell you.

    Check out the links below to find out a little information about STD's and kissing.

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    He must be talking about HPV. I work with 3 other women at work they all have HPV. My friend was just diagnosed with it. She is younger then me none the less it freaked me out this year when I had my PAP - the only way a girl can tell if she has it because if a guy has it he will never know because there are no symtoms. Anyway, I do not have it and I am fine. HPV is the only commincable disease that you can get through kissing aside from MONO.

    He should chill out. Maybe your guy is just making excuses because he wants to break up with you. Most of the time when a guy doesn't want to kiss is because he doesn't want the emotional attachment.

    Source(s): If you don't believe me do the research
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    wow, tell him to pay closer attention to healthclass. No one is going to get anything unless there is a sore. he is being paranoid and it only gets worse once you start having sex so tell him to lossen up and dont worry about it, you obviously both are still in school and are young and havent even had an opportunity to get an std. make sure to remind him its called an STD for a reason. SEXUALLY transmitted disease. Sex is not kissing.

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    1 decade ago

    3'rd problem is that there are very few std's from kissing. It seems like you are both fairly young and unexperienced, so you are both probably clean. Throw some facts about std's at him that will make him see that you two are going to be ok kissing.

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    1 decade ago

    You Cant Get stds from kissing can you?? I dont think so. no you cant its a sexually transmitted disease.

    Anyway you sound really young. im quessing 13 or 12

    maybe hes not ready

    or nevous

    or maybe hes just dumb and thinks you can get stds from kissing

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    STDs aren't transmittable through kissing I don't think.

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    Obviously, he wasn't paying very close attention. STD= SEXUALLY transmitted disease......ur not gunna get those from kissing unless they have herpes on their mouth which you would be able to see.

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    1 decade ago

    the only reason why he wouldnt kiss u anymore is probably because of ur bad breath

  • 1 decade ago

    STD stands for SEXUALLY transmitted disease. you cant get them through kissing. tell him not to worry.

  • 1 decade ago

    your boyfriend is an idiot and you are doing yourself a disfavor by going out with him!

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