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adrenaline pumping songs? to get me angry...?

i need very good songs to listen to before going into a wrestling match. not songs like eye of the tiger or stuff like that. i'm talking about songs along the lines of this

Let the bodies hit the floor- drowning pool

one step closer- linkin park

water wings- alexisonfire

cud be any kind of music, but fast-paced, loud, and will make me wanna tear someones heart out!

any suggestions?

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    This is what gets me going

    Remember the Name by Fort Minor

    Slow Burn or Falling Down by Atreyu

    The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars

    Headstrong by Trapt

    Riot or Pain by Three Days Grace

    Devour by Shinedown *Best One*

    Breed by Nirvana

    Welcome To the Black Parade (after intro) by My Chemical Romance

    The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails

    ****** by MSI

    Anna Molly by Incubus

    The Pretender by Foo Fighters

    Never Enough by Five Finger Death Punch

    Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin

    Helicopter by Bloc Party


    Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm

    It's Almost Over Now (Remix) by N.E.R.D.

    Nuttin No Go So by DJ Mummy

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    Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J

  • 1 decade ago

    Du Hasst by Ramstein

  • 1 decade ago

    the way of the fist-five finger death punch

    this darkened heart- all that remains

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