Where's a good place to bird in Arizona?

Somewhere close to the Phoenix metro area would be good. I am planning on taking a small group. An easier trail would probably be better. We are going in late March.

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    Define "close".

    The Squaw Peak (I guess it's now called Piestewa Peak) park is a very popular trail right in town, but can be a little crowded which isn't too good for birders.

    The Desert Botanical Garden has relatively easy trails and the birds are relatively plentiful. Depending upon the time year and time of day, can sometimes get a little crowded.

    The new Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area (still in the process of being created) is a nice riparian zone with easy trails and fairly decent birding. About 1/2 hours from downtown.

    If you are willing to drive westwards a ways (a little less than an hour from downtown), there's the White Tanks preserve. This has extensive selection of all kinds of trails and there is excellent birding.

    A little further away, to the northwest towards the town of Wikenburg (maybe 1.5 or so hours drive) is the Hasayampa River preserve, run by the Nature Conservancy. Great birding there on an easy loop trails.

    Eastwards a little over two hours (on the way to the town of Superior) is the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Again, easy trails and excelent birding.

    A 2.5 hour trip north (on the way to Sedona) will get you to the Page Springs Hatchery, which will yeild a tremendous variety of birds in a relatively short hike on an easy trail.

    In my opinion the very best birding is in the southeastern part of the state, but now we are talking about a three to four hour drive from downtown Phoenix, so I don't think it's something you would be willing to try (but just in case, see the last link below for some good info).

    Hope this helps.

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