is there a free music making software?

where can i download a music making software? whats it called?

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  • treeB
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    1 decade ago
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    You can check out trakaxPC, which we've just recently released - it's completely free (no trial/catches etc.)

    It's simple drag and drop technology, so perfect for beginners to experiment and have fun creating music, video and photo slideshow mixes without a steep learning curve. However, there are advanced features such as beat-matching etc., so you can find a level to suit your capabilities. You can cut samples, remix tracks, change tempos, create slideshows, create & edit videos, record in directly from your mic etc. Check out the site for a full range of reviews.

    We also provide libraries of royalty-free loops & beats that will help you in creating new and unique tracks - they're really cheap, so worth checking out:

    Good Luck with the music, video and photo slideshow mixing!

  • 1 decade ago

    FL studio is the best too bad it isn't free you could try buzzmachine its free.From the link below download Massive Buzz Pack

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