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Nursing care plan question..?? Please help?

Im a nursing student and trying to write a care plan for a patient with a nursing diagnosis of noncompliance and Im not sure exactly what to put in the objective data section..could u actually write they did not comply? Please help!

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    How about non compliance with (example meds) as evidenced by uncontrolled blood pressure, diabetes etc.

    Ps most places have preprinted care plans that you check boxes on in the real word!!! :)

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    well objective data is what youre able to see and noncompliance is usually with medications. so you can say a person is non compliant with bp meds as evidenced by elevated blood pressure. or non compliant with diet and meds as evidenced with elevated blood sugar. if a person has type 2 diabetes diet can help control the sugar

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    Try posting on, it's a really helpful sight for nursing students...

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