Has an English dub of the first Rebuild of Evangalion movie been released yet?

I'm talking about an official dub, and I'm particularly curious about an Australian release date.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, Rebuild of Evangelion was released in Australia by Red Ant Enterprises on November 12, 2008.

    Here's some more information on the official dubbing.

    In November 2008, FUNimation Entertainment issued a cease and desist order to fansubbers of Evangelion 1.0 on behalf of NTV, along with several other anime properties.On December 31st, 2008, FUNimation announced that it had acquired the rights to the first Rebuild of Evangelion film. Their website currently lists November 10, 2009 for the film's release date. It is unknown if FUNimation will cancel Red Ant Enterprises' license to the first film as FUNimation license their products to Madman Entertainment, who have the Australian and New Zealand rights to the Evangelion Series from ADV Films and the 2 1997 movies from Manga Entertainment.

    No official statements have been made as of yet regarding the official English casting for the film(s), although several of the voice actors from the original English dub of the series, including Tiffany Grant (who voiced Asuka Langley Soryu), and Spike Spencer (voice of Shinji Ikari, who also suggested that his friend, fellow voice actor and ADR director of the original series and movies Amanda Winn Lee was also interested in returning) have expressed interest in reprising their roles. Tiffany Grant also pointed out, however, that for series that were dubbed over a decade ago in the mid-to-late-90's, most often their original voice actors have simply moved on and can't be found, citing how even for the Evangelion movies and Director's Cut episodes for the original series, several VA's did not return.

    I hope this helped you out a bit and have a nice day. :)

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