What is a Metropolitan Municipality government and how will it affect my travel plans to Cape Town in Africa?

I am going to Cape Town South Africa and I was wondering if the Metropolitan Municipality government would affect my travel plans.

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    1 decade ago
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    A Metropolitan Municipality in South Africa is a democratically elected local government that is responsible for the "management" of a certain economic area. This includes the delivery and management of basic services like water, electricity, social and old age grants, traffic control, maintenance and care of public property etc etc.

    Helen Zille, the leader of the Democratic Alliance, is the mayor of Cape Town and was fairly recently voted the best mayor in the world.

    Here is a site that gives you a general overview of the Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality.


    The Municipality of Cape Town is in place to assist you and will not negatively affect your travel plans.... go to the nearest tourist office for any assistance you may need...they will have brochures relative to all tourist attractions in and around Cape Town as well as maps of the region.

    Enjoy your visit.

  • Anonymous
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    There are three types of local authorities - District counsils, local councils and metropolitan councils. As the name indicates the metropolitan councils can be found in the larger metropolitan areas. I cannot see that the council will have any effect on your travel plans, save possibly a possibly a positive one. The metropolitran municipla council is responsible to promote tourism.

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    he is one of the best mayor in world. He is really cool.

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