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what happens when you burn a ouija board?

and can i have some positives and negatives of the ouija board.

and possibly some stories.

and dont tell me not to play it because i know. and trust me, i wont.

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    Many results come from Ouija board users one is to become obsessed and another is to be possessed!

    "The Ouija board is a vehicle which makes it easy for negative spirits and demonic forces to enter this plane of existence." cautioned that evil spirits or demonic forces often gain the trust of people experimenting with Ouija boards by answering several questions truthfully and providing predictions.

    "Once they have gained the trust of their victims, it is easy for the entity to move in and take over either by strongly influencing that person, or by outright possession," .

    People who are untrained and unsophisticated in the field of the paranormal and supernatural should never play with devices such as the Ouija board!

    Don't Get Trapped with Ouija boards

    If you want to communicate with Spirits work on your Psychic senses then do it the right way it may take longer however it is more rewarding : ) The easy way is not always the right way, you have to work for your rewards with knowledge

    Love & Blessings


    • Quinn3 years agoReport

      milly_1963... not at all, all of what you said is wrong.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Some friends of mine, and I burned an Ouija board after an unexplainable experience. We stoked the fire, in a wood stove. It took all night to burn, and in the morning there was still a little pieces left. Not speculating that it wont burn, just sayin it took all night.

    Source(s): Personal experience
    • Please dont grammer nazi me. Yes, I meant still little pieces left. A for Fail

  • Tara
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    4 years ago

    I don't think anything will happen. If the doors where open already they are going to stay open whether you burn it or not. your friend has to know if there is something going on with the board. I mean has she seen something heard something, maybe there is nothing in it.

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    If you burn the board it will scream at you and the connection to the spirit world is increased and a chance of possession becomes very high

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    Nothing happens when you burn the board. My parents did the same thing. All it is, is a tool, that supposedly Satan or the dead can communicate to you through. It represents evil. Not really sure of anything positive that can come from using that board. =]

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    Hmm... no experience with it. but my mom says if she ever found one she'd burn it. I don't know though, it seems like something to not mess with. It could help, or make things much worse. I would hate to have one. The board is something to channel evil spirits. And is said to curse you. (Probably the spirits...)I'd say burning one can do harm, so I'd avoid it. It's a risky thing.

  • Anonymous
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    well i don't know what burning it will do but i can tell you that me and my friends have played with one several times and once or twice we had a bad experience...we asked what they really were and researched and what we have gathered is that they are like playing with the devil and if your not careful (like using candles or reading the bible before play) you can become posed or even the place where you are we haven't played since we are scared out of our minds!!! hope i could give you a little better help!!

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    Burning A Ouija Board

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    well there are real ones and fake ones obviously

    if you havent played im not too sure whats happens but every story ive heard about that game ends up with someone burning it and finding it good as new in the morning.

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    I'm sure it'll smell bad when you burn it. It's just a toy. From personal experiments I can tell you that a ouija board does nothing but tell you what you want to hear and it is not moved by spirits, your body is just subconsciously moving it.

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