Are all video games supported on Mac computers?

I am deciding on what type of new computer i want to get. I have an old Dell dimension computer and i want to switch to a iMac. I have a few games that i want to keep playing on my new computer, but im not sure if the iMac will let me play them. I have messed around with mac's before and i like them, and i want to be able to use the cool features that the mac has. Can anyone give me some help and advice on this.

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  • Mike M
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    1 decade ago
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    Obviously, they're not going to play anything from a game console (i.e. PS3, Wii, XB360), but otherwise, yeah. Most games are sadly Windows-exclusive, but it's pretty trivial to install Windows on a modern (Intel-based) Mac; all you need is the Windows installer CD/DVD and the Boot Camp utility that's included on the Mac. Then you can reboot into Windows when you want a gaming fix, and switch back over to OS X to get the real stuff done. :P If gaming is a priority for you, just make sure the Mac you buy has powerful enough graphics hardware.

  • Guess
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    1 decade ago

    not all PC games are coded for a Mac...especially anything made/produced by Microsoft....but there are ways around it....look in a virtual computer on your current system to emulate a different OS

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