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NFL Playoff Touchdown Record?

what player holds the record for most individual TD's in one playoff game? and how many were scored by that player?


yea Fitzgerald only needs 2 to tie the playoff record

thats y i asked

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    Most Touchdowns, Game

    5 Ricky Watters, NFC-D:San Francisco vs. N.Y. Giants, 1993 (5-r)

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    Ernie Nevers, Chi. Cardinals vs. Chi. Bears, Nov. 28, 1929

    Dub Jones, Cleveland vs. Chi. Bears, Nov. 25, 1951

    Gale Sayers, Chicago vs. San Francisco, Dec. 12, 1965

    All had 6 touchdowns.

    Idt they were in the Playoffs, though. That is just the most TDs in a single game.

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    Fitzgerald is only 3 shy of tying the record and four from owning it. Wanna make any bets on the outcome?

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