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So how good do you think America is gonna do today?

Im happy that Reyna aint starting and does anyone know if El Tortio is gonna play?!?

1.- Guillermo Ochoa

6.- Juan Carlos Valenzuela

14.- Jesús Armando Sánchez

3.- Fernando Ortiz

15.- Edgar Eduardo Castillo

13.- Pável Pardo

20.- Alejandro Argüello

7.- Andrés Chitiva

11.- Robert de Pinho

9.- Salvador Cabañas

29.- Jean Beausejour


I just found out that Silva and Rojas aint playing cause their injured

Update 2:

Torito been injuryed since the game against Chivas

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    hope that they win cause the have a good team and Pavel Prado will balance the midfield and i hope the torito plays he is a great player

    Source(s): i know that Oscar Rojas wasn't going to play because he is recovering from Pneumonia but whats wrong with torito
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    i thought chitiva wasn't going to play???.........also Juan Carlos Valenzuela and VERA are not playing most likey...vera has a red and the other two injury i think

    "Las Aguilas no contarán con la prescencia del suspendido Enrique Vera, también faltará Oscar Rojas quien se recupera de una infección viral y probablemente tampoco cuente con Juan Carlos Valenzuela y Andrés Chitiva quienes aún tienen molestias por diferentes lesiones.

    Por parte de los laguneros, Cristian Benitez y Johnie García son las únicas dudas que tiene Daniel Guzmán para conformar su once inicial en el último partido de la primera jornada."-univision

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    wow we have a good team our midfield is going to be the best part of our team with pavel there

    i think were going to win 3-0

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    loose 1-0

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    there going to be preety good but is going to be a tie 2-2

  • Anonymous
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    I dont care who wins...I just want to see a good game.

  • ????
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    They are going to suck like always

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    lets wat those 18 mill are worth...

    hopefully they win

    but i want santos to rock em!

    haha good luck

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