classic board game with the hikers and the bridge?

What is the name of the game? It was set on a bridge and you had to move your hiker across it collecting gems. Also, the temple/mountain thing on certain turns would cause the bridge to sway back and forth to knock off the hikers. This is the most information that I can recall, I just need the name!

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    That sounds like "Forbidden Bridge" from 1992...

    "Forbidden Bridge is a board game which simulates being a treasure hunter. Players play as explorers who are after ancient jewels, which are guarded by an angry spirit. Occasionally, the bridge guard will awaken and (via a motorized mechanism powered by the player pushing his head down) shake the bridge, which can cause players' pieces to fall off. Players also can get the chance to "steal" another player's jewel. The first player to retrieve three jewels and return them all in their boat wins."

    "A motorized adventure game in which explorers attempt to bring back gems from a lost civilization. The game is in two halves: moving across a static river, climbing a short cliff and then moving one's explorer across the forbidden bridge. The "angry idol", when depressed, will shake the bridge in an attempt to knock the crossing explorers onto the river below."

    For more info and some good photos:

    Hope this helps - Have Fun!

    Source(s): Personal experience and BoardGameGeek - - The *BEST* Online resource for board game info! ALSO - Gotta Love The Internet!
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