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What's the difference between investing and gambling- Really? Will you tell the investment houses or shall I?

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    Gambling is not that different, people saying you are sure to lose are wrong. There are quite a few professional gamblers and for that matter amateur stock traders. there are also new bookmakers such as which mimic to an extent the market system.

    I would say the greatest difference is time scale, a single gambling decision is a very short plan and realistic investment would be longer term.

    Having said that you could call any decision a gamble as it is a choice between options and could pay off or not; go to university, buy a house, choosing your career, moving city etc etc are all in some form gambles.

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    It's funny you ask this because I just read an article about this exact question. Here is my explanation...

    In gambling, there is a greater risk which is uncontrollable. There are odds that are against you, and typically the common gambler is only gambling for entertainment purposes.

    Investing there is great risk, but there are also methods of managing that risk actively. There are no odds in investing, only wise decisions. Investing is done to create capital gains to supplement ones income or to live off of entirely after retirement ( and for some even before that).

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    There is a very simple answer... in gambling you are sure to lose as the odds are stacked against you. Or how do you think the gambling houses make billions?

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    Investments either in shares or properties, you can manage risks.Or whether to sell or not to sell . In gambling, there is no risk, its either you win or you lose. Only one way out.

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    the Chance's you losing money gambling is greater then if you put it in stock market went to the gambling boat a weak ago and lost 1000. dollars and in my stocks this year i made money so my point is gambling its almost in possible to make a lot of money in gambling but in the stock market you can double your money fast

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    Education is the difference with an equal amount of hard work.

    Anyone that sees them as the same.... certainly doesn't understand our financial system.

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