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Manual Motor Starters?

Ok, in my class we're working with Full Voltage Fractional Horsepower Manual Motor Starters

It's 1/3 H.P. single phase capacitor start motor.

Now my questions are:

1. If overload heating elements are not installed in the manual motor starter, what is the result?

2. If the contacts on a manual starter cannot be closed immediately after a motor overload has tripped them open, what is the probable reason?

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    1. Those heating elements carry the load current.

    An 'open circuit should result.

    2. Those elements take time to cool down.

    That they heated up is why the device tripped in the first place.

    You should know this stuff if you were paying any attention at all.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) If the motor ever gets hung up, then the motor will be damaged and there is chance of a fire in the wiring.

    They also carry voltage load to the motor.

    2) Could be a manual reset, the overloads need to cool off.

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  • Anonymous
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    The manual motor starters may have higher thermal overload relay ratings, and your motor may overheat and catch fire during an overload. Your small motor should have a running protection installed internally.

    It may have overheated and will need more time to be reset.

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