What can we do to protest against Israeli Oppression and Random Murder?

We as people must take action....what do you think would be best to let the world know we don't believe in an Israeli state, and that it rightfully belongs to the Palestinians, and that Israeli officials need to be trialed for war crimes....


Im Not a palestinian...Im european....so anyone who thinks this is an arab point of view is wrong

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    They are not going to be tried for war crimes; they will only meet justice in this world at the hands of a skilled assassin.

    Protesting oppression is legal and there will be no shortage of organizations advocating economic and political sanctions against the Genocidal State.

    Stronger action than that requires discrete measures.

    I will close by drawing your attention to the very insulting and equally unintelligent quality of responses from zionists. They are not smart and they are highly infantile; a strong effort would defeat them easily. But it must be sustained.

  • 1 decade ago

    Show the truth as much as possible.

    Tell, show, write and send the real history of the massacres from 1945 till now.

    The truth is their enemy and the real history for them best to reveal the truth. They change it in their school books and in their TV they don't show what's going on.

    The reality that humans around the glob knew and understand the truth, make them go back. They always don't show, but it's known.

  • Zeno
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    You did not specify if you are thinking in terms of legal measures such a pressure groups,letter campaigns,public demonstrations,etc or if you are more seriously inclined to direct action.

    Direct action is the most effective but all such measures are highly illegal. This would include destruction of ships in port carrying zionist product,sabotage of zionist "embassies", cyber attacks on zionist hate-sites and so on.

    Other than demonstrations I can think of few legal measures that are likely to have much impact. Demonstrations however are very effective if carried out on a large scale.

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    No zionist flag should be permitted to fly; it should be removed and destroyed wherever seen,even upon risk on police charges. "Embassies" of this fraudulent country should be the object of non-violent sit-ins. Economic boycotts of any retailer carrying zionist product can also achieve a great deal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can go out and dance naked in the street because public nudity is an acceptable form of demonstration in Europe.

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    i think you have to show people from Europe & USA the real face of Israel.

    share photos of Gaza's massacre, true stories from survived people.

    i'll send some of them if you want.

  • You want peace in the Middle East? Stop buying Arab oil and let them serve it to their proxy armies for 3 meals a day. When their oh so brave mujahideen stop instigating these wars with Israel and hiding behind women and children then Israel will have no reason to fight these wars.

    But since you obviously don't know anything about what happened before your ARAB owned, drive-by, European media said "hey look what Israel's doing" and then started spoon feeding you their propaganda, you can go back to whatever high school thing you were doing when the Arab-Pallies were deliberately targeting Israeli civilians and murdering them by the hundreds.

    Hint: There isn't one European country that would tolerate 6300 rockets and mortars being launched at them like Israel has been forced to tolerate these past 8 years, so get off your high horse.

    And for your information Israel is indeed a country and it has every right to defend itself from whatever evil forces try to destroy it. Palestine is NOT a country. So get over it.


    Why am I not surprised that the very people here who claim Israel is the violent, destructive, criminal, entity are the same people calling for violence, destruction, and criminal behavior?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    - Protest

    - Boycott Israeli goods

    - Donate

    - Pray

    - Show the truth of this massacre to pro-Israelis

    - Show your support by wearing Palestinians badges =)

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    Go tell a Muslim. There is one on every corner in Europe.

  • Anonymous
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    Obviously you are not a christian and therefore will suffer Gods wrath if you do not start believing.

    Read revelations and you will see the truth. Anyone who condemns Israel or its people are condemning themselves to hell. Do not be part of the decieved, and remember that Jews are being persecuted everywhere right now.

    Also Hamas started this conflict, how would you like bombs being dropped in your backyard every day? Of course you would fire back. Israel will never be occupied by anyone but Gods nation, it has been writte,

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