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Alaskan Malamute/Husky owners.....?

I'm thinking about owning one of these dogs in the future and was wondering about the pros and cons of owning one. Any answers are much appreciated. =]


Of course, I will always go for the adoption first =]

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    Alaskan Malamute, my brother in Alaska, breeds, and trains this breed and has for over 20 years, the Malamute is a noble dog and is far from being anything like the Husky...

    They are not fence jumpers as the Husky is, they are very loyal, loving companion as well as a great guard dog without the aggression....but any dog can show aggression...it's all in how you raise them.

    Cons: For this breed, they need lots lots of exercise and love to work also, play times are vigorous, they love to run long periods of time, so if your into running or jogging, this dog will be able to keep up with you and probaly wear you out before you wear the dog out......

    Coats dense, does not do well in hot climates, unless is a house dog, but still will require lots of attention, brushing and exercise...

    Not a dog to be abused or treated in anyway but pure love....they are great with kids, and make good Therapy dogs as well, he has 4 Therapy dogs and visits the schools, hospitals and nursinig homes, the elderly love them to death...and they quite the gentle giant.

    good luck on your decision

    but as always, with any breed, you need to research alot before getting any breed.

    The Husky is a great breed also.....but I prefer the Malamute....

    We have 11 in our dog club, big ole babies and loves people to death...

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    Are you speaking of them as separate breeds?

    Alaskan Malamute


    (Alaskan I'm assuming?) Husky?

    The Alaskan Mal is an easy going, fun loving dog. But they are a highly intelligent breed which can lead to destructiveness if not properly exercised and mentally stimulated.

    Also, with Mals, you need to gain their respect for them to really interact with you. If the Mal does not see you as the "pack leader" he/she can be very stubborn and independent.

    They are natural hunting dogs, so they typically do not do well with cat and other small animals.

    An Alaskan Husky on the other hand is more a "type" of dog rather than a true breed. The Alaskan Husky is a performance dog that has been bred with many different breeds to achieve the "ideal" sled dog. Breeds that are in an Alaskan Husky include but are not limited to : Sibes, hound breeds, Canadian Eskimo dogs and border collies.

    Many people will try to sell their sibe puppies as "Purebred Alaskan Huskies" however physically, they appear much different for one thing, and again there is really no such thing as a purebred.

    Here is just one "example" on an Alaskan Husky http://4milla.com/Milla.jpg

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    Pros? Beautiful, intelligent, hard working, loving members of the family, energetic.

    Cons? Intelligent, escape artists, (can be) destructive, energetic.

    I'm speaking for Siberian Huskies only here, and as someone who has owned two in the past ten years (one is still with us) and a mix of the breed, they're rough if you don't know what you're doing.

    They're very intelligent animals, so they can and will outsmart you if given the opportunities. A fence is no obstacle for these dogs, they'll watch you open and close it twice and know how to get out the third time. They can climb, dig, run and jump anything you put in their way.

    Once they are out of your yard, they are GONE. Remote trainers are always the best solution for this breed. They can NOT ever be trusted off lead outside of a fenced area.

    My fathers husky spent three days watching him open and close the garage door and we came home one day to find her gone and the garage door open. We removed the doggy door to the garage that same day. Once she was out, she was OUT. She'd chase cats, cars, other dogs, her own tail, and she'd run just to get away from us as a 'game'.

    They need exercise. Invest in a treadmill. My fathers dog was on a treadmill for two hours every day with energy to spare! She has wound down (she can now be trusted off leash) now that she's older (20 yrs) but five years ago if she heard the leash click off, she'd be gone before you could blink.

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    Hello, Its good to know your thinking of buying one of these magnificent stunning dogs (:

    Pros: (If trained well, although usually by nature)

    -They are great family dogs

    -They are great watch dogs (Not guard dogs they are too nice)

    -They are friendly

    -Mine is great with other animals

    -Very social dogs

    -Active love a good afternoon run

    -They are just adorable!

    -Eat less than a small dog (seriously)

    - You can ride them (Im kidding haha)



    -HUGE In size (Alaskan Malamute)

    -Plenty fur! for your couch to suck up.


    -Choose not too come when called (Do not recommend letting them off leash)

    -Could be expensive when purchasing them

    - Dominant (Early training is a MUST)

    -Vacations don't come easy we cant just put them in a box and take them to a hotel with us.

    -Howling at six in the morning (as puppies)

    - As puppies especially in summer don't be shocked when you have mud and dirt and foot prints leading to a huge hole in the yard.

    Honesty My malamute is my best friend and i love him, even though the first few months can be hard its all worth it in the end because they grow up to be so loyal to the family and they are stunning dogs.

    Most of the cons there only last while they are puppies so with good training you will have the best dog on the block!

    And The dog gets heaps of people's attention and he loves it!

    Source(s): Proud owner of a very active 2 year old Malamute :)
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    There's some very down to earth 'cons' done on this site.


    As well as here.


    Definately read through the negative side of the breed, as you're going to experience it with the dogs. They're closely related, as breeds, and the warnings cover both breeds.

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    I hope you will be adopting, not buying from a so called breeder.

    These dogs are mixes and should not be bred purposely, just like any other mix. So please adopt. :)

    I don't have one of these dogs, so I can't point out anything about them to you, but the tempermant and size and etc. is not apparent, the dog will be a mix and mixes are unpredictable.




    Oh, Ok, good. I love it when people adopt their dogs. :)

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