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In the army do sick days come out of your 30 vacation days?

What happens if im sick in the army? Do they have sick days or does it cost you vacation days? I wouldn't want to spread anything to my platoon so I would stay home anyway but I was just curious.

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    If you go on sick call and the medic or PA decides that you should be in quarters or bed rest for the day, then that is your duty station for the day, it isn't considered a day off.

    It's as if you've been assigned to your room instead of the motor pool for the day.

    Source(s): 6 years Army 21 years Guard and still at it
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    I don't know about the army, but in the air force, it is up to your commander to give you any days off for being sick. You can't just decide you are too sick to report for duty. You have to go to sick call and a medical professional will determine if you need to be on quarters or not. However, it is only a suggestion and the commander has the ultimate say in whether you report to duty or not. If you just decide to not show up without first going to see the doctor, you can be charged with failure to go, malingering, and a few other things. If it is truly serious, you will be put on convalescent leave and it does not apply to your vacation days.

    Source(s): 23+ years in the air force
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    There is no such thing as sick days!!

    There is sick call. You have to report in the morning and then they decide if you get the day off (quarters). No you are not charged leave for it.

    Once you have been in a bit and have earned a reputation as a good troop, if you have a decent supervisor, you might be able to talkt o him and just explaint he situation and he will send you home, but its rare and not to be made a habit of.

    But no, there is no such thing as calling in sick like in the outside world.

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    They won't come out of your allotted vacation time. They are just "write offs"

    But don't 'malinger'. It has a stigma

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