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a 1980's movie i am trying to figure out what it is.. a science fiction horror?

i am trying to figure out what movie has robots that kill people and at the end of the movie there are a bunch of kids in a mall and they throw paint all over the robots and light them on fire and they burn and explode. any idea?? it was a 2 level mall, and there was more then 1 robot.

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    Chopping Mall (1986)

    A group of teens(among them lovely Barbara Crampton from "Re-Animator" and "From Beyond")are terrorized in a shopping mall by a bunch of killer security robots."Chopping Mall" is a highly energetic horror film that is perfect for younger horror fans.The film is well-made,delightfully cheesy and it offers some memorable set-pieces(check out a head explosion scene!).The characters are likeable and there are some great one liners.Highly recommended.Director Jim Wynorski made also "Sorority House Massacre 2","976 Evil 2:The Astral Factor" and "Hard to Die".

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