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bernese mountain dog vs. siberian husky ?

for a young woman who is going into college, lives in an apartment at the time but in about a year will have a house with her fiance, and has a about a year but is going to graduate and have kids, and wants to get a puppy as soon as possible, which dog breed best suits her? since childhood she has always loved siberian huskies and how beautiful they are, but isn't sure if she can handle how rambunctious they are. She also likes the look of the Bernese mountain dog and likes their personalities alot. she wants to get a puppy and raise it in her apartment and then in about a year she would move into a house with her fiance and start a family, which one of these dog breeds would be best suitable for this lifestyle?

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    You could hardly pick two breeds of more diverse temperament.

    I breed Bernese (6 years involved in the breed) and Samoyeds (20+ years breeding/showing).

    There are up sides and down sides to most breeds. You need to realize that while a Bernese will believe you are a god and will try very hard to please you a Siberian will know you are not a god (and if you understand Sibes you may manage to rank as an equal) and will want to know just what's in it for them when you tell them to do something.

    A Bernese is needy and wants to be NEXT TO YOU at ALL TIMES. A Siberian Husky generally is not.

    A Bernese needs people and possibly maybe some dog interaction. A Siberian Husky needs other dogs (used to working/playing as a team) and some human interaction.

    Bernese have some profound health issues (orthopedic and cancer). Average age of death is 7.5 years.

    The Siberian Husky has an average age of death at 12 years.

    Bernese are heat intolerant.

    Siberian Huskies adjust to temperature changes very well.

    Both breeds are generally great with children - provided both they and the children are taught manners.

    Bernese have a basic farm dog temperament - and make decent watchdogs. Siberians may bark to say hello when someone new is coming up the walk but are by no means watch dogs (unless you mean they will watch a thief steal your tv while they beg for cookies).

    In general, I've found northern breeds to be more clever and to learn new things faster than a Bernese. However, a Bernese will be thrilled to do the same thing over and over - their frustration level is set much higher than a northern breed so training sessions can be longer and they enjoy repetitive tasks as long as they think they are pleasing you. A northern breed gets bored fast, frustrated easy and wants to know "what's in it for me" for every action.

    Whatever breed you decide on ~ be certain to buy from a responsible breeder. The bit extra you pay for a well bred dog will save you vet bills and will give you a health and temperament guarantee as well as a breeder who can serve to assist you when needed.

    Generally speaking, I would not consider a Siberian Husky (nor my own Samoyeds) as a great breed for a first time dog owner. A Bernese would be easier.

    Please remember, the first year of life sets the foundation for the dog you will have. You need to dedicate a full year to being with and training the dog as much as possible - it will make your dog a better dog and will save you time in remedial training.

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    Siberian Mountain Dog

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    This Site Might Help You.


    bernese mountain dog vs. siberian husky ?

    for a young woman who is going into college, lives in an apartment at the time but in about a year will have a house with her fiance, and has a about a year but is going to graduate and have kids, and wants to get a puppy as soon as possible, which dog breed best suits her? since childhood she has...

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    I'm not sure that either breed is suitable for an apartment -- I know that Siberians really are not.

    Either would be fine as a small puppy -- however, as they grew and their exercise needs became more stringent, the apartment would likely take a beating if you didn't get them out enough.

    Siberians require a "pack", and don't do well alone. They can become noisy and destructive when bored or lonely, which your apartment neighbors will not appreciate. So, unless you plan to spend a lot of time at home with the dog, this is not a good choice.

    Siberians MUST have a fenced-in yard, and can NEVER be allowed off-lead. Berners are more responsive.

    Both breeds are wonderful with children; Siberians especially if they are raised with them. Either breed can knock over a toddler in its exuberance.

    I would recommend waiting until you are in a house with a yard. In the meantime, continue to research both breeds carefully; don't choose a breed on looks alone.

    Siberian info:

    Bernese Mountain Dog info: (Check out the "Berner Info Series" in the menu)

    I have also starred for my Bernese Mtn. Dog contacts.

    Source(s): Siberian husky owner/exhibitor, musher, rescue, breeder for 20+ years.
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    These breeds have very different tempermants. If she likes the Bernese, I would take a look at the Newfoundland who is a very simular dog except it is a little more of a gaurd dog then the Bernese and the newfoundland is considered one of the best dogs in the world when it comes to kids and also doesnt have the huge adversion to hot weather like a bernese or siberian does though siberians adjust to heat much, much better then Bernese do. You should deffinately not live in hot weather with a Bernese, a husky however can adjust if given the proper tools like shade, water, ect..(i dont know where she lives, but with either of those dogs hopefully she lives in a cold weather state and not states like Cali, Az, Nevada, New Mex, Florida, Texas, ect.

    Out of the two dogs you have listed for her situation I think the Bernese would be the better dog. They are more of a "family" dog and would do better with young children. Huskys are very independant dogs. They do not bond closely with there families and do not have a lot of tolerance for harsh treatment that kids sometimes deal out. They will not bite, but they will start to avoid children and not play with them. Bernese have a high pain tolerance and bond closely with there family. They do very well with children as well. I spent 11 years in dog behavior training and during this time I found 3 books that were excelent and right on the money. I took these 3 books and there information and combined it to come up with a dog rating system for a large majority of the breeds. Heres how those 2 dogs rate.

    1 is low

    5 is high

    Bernese Mountain Dog

    Energy Level 1

    indoor activity 1

    outdoor activity 2-3 (depends on idividual dog)

    Exercise Requirements 2

    Playfulness 2

    Affection level 3

    Freindleness twords dogs 3

    Friendliness twords other pets 4

    Friendliness twords strangers 3

    good with children 4

    Ease of training 4

    *Watchdog ability 3

    *Protection ability 2

    Grooming requirements 3

    Cold Tolerance 5

    Heat tolerance 1

    Siberian Husky

    Energy level 3

    indoor activity 3

    outdoor activity 4

    Exercise requirements 4

    playfulness 4

    affection level 3

    friendliness twords dogs 3

    friendliness toward other pets 3

    friendliness toward strangers 5

    ease of training 1

    *watchdog ability 2-3 (depends on individual dog)

    *protection ability 1

    grooming requirements 3

    cold tolerance 5

    heat tolerance 2

    good with children 3

    *watchdog means the likelyhood that the dog will bark or alert you to anyone approaching your house, car, ect

    *protection ability means the likelyhood that the dog will act to protect you in a situation that someone intends to do you harm

    Additional info--

    Be extremely hesitant to accept information that you get from people that own either breed unless they are an actual responsible breeder of the breed. In my experiances it seems a lot of people that own a breed of dog that you are asking about tent to tell you how there dog acts specifically, not how the breed is known to act. They also tend to have the "baby syndrome" about there dogs breed. What I mean by this is that anytime you hear a mother talking about her kid or baby, they always tell you that there kid is the best looking, smartest, and most amazing kid that do things no other kid can. I have found a lot of dog owners do this with there dogs as well.

    Source(s): 11 years of dog behavior training
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    It would be wrong to get such a big dog and expect it to be happy in an apt. w/limited time w/owner. You need to wait til you are out of school, and can devote some time to training..before you have kids. Just because you want one now..doesn't mean it is the right time to get one. The Bernese seems to be a better family dog. I think shedding and size will be a problem inside. they seem to be more of an outside dog. But less aggressive than the Husky.

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  • I personally, would go for the Bernese Mountain Dog.

    Don't get me wrong, Siberians are great dogs, but they are quite a handful and I have been told they are somewhat difficult to train and stubborn as all get out. They also can't be left in an unfenced area.

    But personally, I would have to say she should wait ti'll shes done with college and moves into a house. Being in an apartment and her being in college, she probably won't have as much time as she thought she would. It won't be fair to her or the dog.

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    Neither! Burmese Mountain dogs and Siberian Huskies are both suited for outdoor environments not apartment life. Research what the breds were developed for.

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