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1300 are killed and nothing is achieved?

What dis Israel achieve by killing 1300 50% of which are children? The rockets are still launched (without agreeing with that or disagreeing), Hamas is widely supported my the people around the world now and the captured soldier isn't released.

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    For the past EIGHT YEARS, Hamas has been firing rockets at Israeli citizens. Israel had to get up and start defending itself before things got worse.

    It is tragic that many Palestinians who are not directly involved in terrorism are suffering as a result of the actions of their leaders. While no one wants to see any noncombatants harmed, it is important to acknowledge that all Palestinians in Gaza bear some responsibility for their current predicament. After all, they voted to empower Hamas in an election in which they knew the organization's platform called for the destruction of Israel and the use of terrorism to achieve its aims.

    The Palestinians in Gaza have done nothing during the last three years to stop Hamas from launching rockets into Israel. At any time the people could have said, "Enough! We do not support terror." Instead of allowing rocket crews to fire Qassams from their houses, yards, or neighborhoods, the people could have said, "Stop! I will not allow you to make us a target. I will now allow you to use my family as a shield."

    For the last three years, the Palestinians of Gaza have said, in effect, "We don't mind if Israelis are murdered by Hamas rockets, but the world should support us."

    During World War II, the German people were not spared suffering from the Allied invasion because they were noncombatants or because some could claim they were not Nazis and did not support Hitler. All the German people were held to account for their failure to stop their leaders from carrying out their aggression and genocidal policies.

    The Palestinians now are also being held to account. What is different, however, is that unlike the Allies in World War II, Israel is doing everything possible to avoid hurting Palestinian noncombatants despite their culpability. Even now the Palestinians have the power to stop the war by demanding that Hamas cease firing rockets. Alas, they refuse to take the one step within their power to ease their suffering.

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    What dis Israel achieve by killing 1300 50% of which are children?

    What does "dis" mean? Is your ESL instructor from New York?

    The rockets are still launched (without agreeing with that or disagreeing), Hamas is widely supported my the people around the world now and the captured soldier isn't released.

    And where are we going with all of this?

    Really, with all due respect, sir, I have serious reservations about your intentions with this question.

    Source(s): What country are you from? I am an American. And you?
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    Well one has to look honestly at Israel's objectives in all of this.With a new unpredictable President about to step in they used the changeover period to attack Palestine,not because of rockets that's obvious but because of elections and to further degrade dehumanise and demoralise the captive Palestinians.Kill as many as possible and make their existence so miserable that they will beg Israel to take it over.There was no excuse that amount of merciless indiscriminate killing of innocents and targeting of hospitals UN centres,Football stadiums FFS!Take away their lives,there chance for being aided ,treated medically and then rub it in by destroying something of enjoyment.

    To Israeli's this will be an acheivement no doubt but they will never again be believed when they cry about being the victim and they will always be considered cruel and merciless.

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    Let your captured Hamas rat "freedom fighter" answer:

    “Hamas took a gamble. We thought, at worst Israel will come and do something from the air - something superficial. They’ll come in and go out. We never thought that we would reach the point where fear will swallow the heart and the feet will want to flee. You [Israel] are fighting like you fought in ‘48. What got into you all of a sudden?”

    Sounds to me that at least one of the Hamas rats got the idea.

    The Hamas rat gang has been slapped down. Except for the "mouths" which are far away from the fighting.

    The Hamas rat gang are responsible for the deaths of a lot of Gaza civilians by causing a conflict which Hamas had no hope of winning.

    "Hamas took a GAMBLE...."!

    The Hamas goal was to get civilians killed in numbers large enough to get the world sympathy. Then the world would make Israel stop, and the Hamas rats could come out of their holes and stand of the pile of bodies and proclaim a "VICTORY", because they had survived in their holes.

    But Israel poked into the holes, this time. And a lot of Hamas rats are visiting their virgins now. That's what was achieved.

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    Two things.

    1) Elimination of a large number of terrorists. Which, despite your lie, was the vast majority of casualties.

    2) Reduction in rocket attacks against Israel.

    They've made the world a slightly better place.

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    Rockets went down by 80% after the incursion.

    So do you support Hamas when their leaders clearly desire genocide and violence instead of peaceful co-existence ?

    "Sheik Ahmad Bahr, acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, declared during a Friday sermon at a Sudan mosque that America and Israel will be annihilated and called upon Allah to kill Jews and Americans "to the very Last One." Following are excerpts from the sermon that took place last month, courtesy of MEMRI.

    Ahmad Bahr began: "'You will be victorious' on the face of this planet. You are the masters of the world on the face of this planet. Yes, [the Koran says that] 'you will be victorious,' but only 'if you are believers.' Allah willing, 'you will be victorious,' while America and Israel will be annihilated. "

    Angel - those people will hate Israel anyway, IMO. They can't stand the thought of a country in the Middle East that is not a Muslim majority. They use the Palestinians as pawns to further their cause against Israel while not allowing any of them to live within their own countries. There's a reason Meim Kampf and Protocols of the Elders of Zion are the most popular books in that part of the world.

  • Israel accomplished a lot. Including, hopefully destroying all those tunnels from Egypt they were using to smuggle weapons into Gaza.

    Let's also see if Hamas agrees to the cease fire and goes more for peace. How many human shields will they use NEXT time they break the peace?

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    Israel crippled Ham-as & crippled their ability to get more rockets to shoot at Israel.

    There is a tentative cease fire right now. And will strengthen if Ham-as doesn't shoot more rockets into Israel.

    Israel can't have an agreement with Ham-as. They are where they are illegally. As soon as they were voted in, they fought FATAH and others in Government authority. So they could use Gaza as a launching pad to shoot at Israel. They could hide behind women & children to try to prevent Israel from shooting back.

    Ham-as is who is responsible for the deaths in Gaza. They didn't have any protection plan for the Gaza Civilians. And also terrorized civilians to not leave the area if they did shoot at Israel from them.

    Ham-as hasn't supported anyone or thing. They used the underground tunnels to smuggle in more weapons to attack Israel with. Ham-as are Iran's & Syria's pawns. And they don't care about the civilians that much, except to use their deaths to accuse Israel.

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    Because these wars are always for nothing stop and start and for what only innocent get killed mostly and now we have wars with rules mean stupid rules makes no sence except games

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    What did Hamas acieve by continuing to fire rockets at trees etc. Nothing. They lost as you say 50% of their killers. They lost many potential killers, their children. Israel achieved a lot. Also it was a good military practise for them. Now they are better prepared for a real war.

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