when is the hottest time to go to mexico?

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    Excuse me for one second pigeon, HAHAHA...please do not listen to the drivel coming out of abdiver's keyboard and fingers! I think he may have answered that to get a rise out of some answerers, I think that guy probably believes everything he sees on the tv, wow...Anywhoo...

    It is unfortunate how stupid some people can be. Drug wars are going on in the border towns, they are between drug cartels, people that get killed are drug dealers and members of the drug organizations. As far as rapings, there were serial rapings in Juarez about 15 years ago and there are still rapings in the country, but in fact there are no where near the amount of rapes that there are in the US per capita, No where near the sexual molestation cases per capita, never been a school shooting, Mexican priests don't have problems with touching kids, etc etc...We have a different kind of problems, but it would be like if i told you, don't send your kids to school because of school shootings, doesn't make much sense. As for kdnappings, there are two types of kidnappings, the kidnap of drug cartel members by rival cartel members and then these people get interrogated for information and then get killed, and then there's the second kind where innocent peole ARE kidnapped, but it's not like everyone's getting kidnapped. If you're a tourist you're in no danger of getting kidnapped, this is the case because kidnappers don't know who you are, don't know your routine, if you have money, etc etc. There's a method to kidnappers' madness. So don't worry about that. It's quite silly to be honest with you.

    Woo, ok, got that out of my system, some people are just plain stupid.

    The hottest time to go to Mexico is in June. During the summer solistice June 21, you're pretty much guaranteed to dehydrate if you don't drink like a gallon of water a day. It is amazing how hot it can get. This is the case if you were referring to the weather and possible heat. It can really zap you, especailly if you enjoy lounging by the pool and drinking on vacation because the sun and warmth get to you. It still makes for fun vacation time.

    if you're referring to when is the hottest time as in the case of what's the best time to party, I would say early june as well as spring break. These two times you can really have a blast and there's a lot of young people all around ready to have a blast.

    I hope this helps, if you think it does, I'd appreciate the ten pionts thanks!

    Source(s): Dual citizenship, own businesses in both countries, lived in both countries all of my life.
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    solid activity Memo. even however i'm a Chivas fan I have been given accessible it to Memo he did a ultimate activity protecting Mexico's purpose. Memo could get the beginning activity for the remainder of this turnament with the instruct he positioned on final nighttime. solid activity Nery and Ramoncito additionally. As for united statesa. of united statesa. and Mexico tournament. do you all know that u . s . of united statesa. has crushed Mexico in u . s . of united statesa. like the final 8 circumstances interior the U. S. grounds. which potential they play of their very own turf and had the ref benefit. i might prefer to be certain u . s . of united statesa. pass play all those suits in El Stadio Azteca and ponder whether they got here up with a win? I doubt it! QUE VIVA MEXICO CARBONES!!!

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    Oh without a doubt Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, or Mazatlan during spring break! Be very careful though, Mexico is plagued with drug wars and is now the kidnapping capital of the world. Tourist companies in San Diego are now cancelling trips to Mexico because of robberies and kidnappings. Be very careful of Mexico!

    Source(s): I live on the Mexican border.
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    right now nd spring ...i went during december and it was burning!

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    During Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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