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>>>How many Native Americans were killed in the Indian Wars? <<<?

Heyho, can somebody roughly tell me, how many Native Americans were killed by the settlers from the 17th to the 19th century??? A punctuation between the numbers of the killed Indians and the killed settlers would be very helpful, too! How many Indian clans were whiped out by the Americans? And is there a special word for the banishment of the Indians or can I just say "the dissipation of the Native Americans" or something like that??? Thanks a lot for your answers! Have a nice day

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    dissipation? like we evaporated? umm no. call it what it is. attempted genocide, holocaust, ethnic cleansing are a few choices.

    precontact in north america we were between 50-100 million. by 1890 we were 250,000 in usa alone.

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    ok, I will try to make this short, but I promise I could fill make an entire thesis answering your question. To start, I wouldn't really call them "wars". they were more like massacres. Would you consider 100 people gaining up on 2 sick, practicly defensless children a battle, or a crusifixion? Becaise thats a good way to compare what the U.S. government and Native americans' battles were like. Many of those "battles" were nothing more than a bunch of blood thirsty racists opening fire on old people and children while they ran from their villages in vain attempts of escape. And the death doesn't begin in the 17th century. It began long before that, around 1,100, when Viking ships made contact with natives in the current-day Labrador area in canada, bringing new diseases with them (unintentionally) that wiped out about 70% of Indeginous populations in North and South America. The diseases spread like wild fire. Then again four hundred years later with the Spanish explorers/conquisadors. They brought new waves of disease, as well as firearms, which they would use on any natives they came into contact with that they didn't need as guides or translators. Google the "Spanish Conqusiadors" its an appalling history. And americans complain about the mexicans seaking spanish..well, I promise you, it was learn spanish or die. Historians argue about how many native americans actually died during the invasion of europeans, and many, who are paid by polititions or other government staff, straight up underexaggerate the numbers. I will tell you how many from my tribe died though, it was roughly 98% of our population. We were once one of the smallest tribes in the puget sound area, but at the time of the treaty signing in the 1860's, we had only 86 people. So that means my tribe alone had about 4,300 people, after disease (which came long before the settlers) had wiped most of us out. Artillary and boarding schools (internment camps where they sent our toddlers and children) did the rest. For banishment, we had no word pre-contact in our language for it. However, we do now have a word for "Evil" (which before never had a distinct word to describe it) and "white person" . They are synonymous. Then we have words that relate, such as a word that implicates intentional distruction, the root of which means "white person". Though now that invasion is complete and we are at the complete mercy of the U.S. government, non-natives have been more sypathetic to our situation and have in many cases befriended members of tribes or intermarried with them, but the words for the things I just listed are still the same. Sorry if I have offended you with my answer, but your ignorance of these issues (which I know is not your fault, the society we live in encourages intolerance and ignorance towards us to cover up the biggest holocaust in history) offends me.

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    You are wrong for calling someone ignorant for asking a question. You are only ignorant if you DON'T ask a question. This person is trying to learn and you should be honored that they would think you are intelligent enough to give them the right answer.

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    I just found this in less than a minute, literally. You kids have the world @your fingertips. If you do not learn how to utilize it. You're doomed. Wise up, kid. The race of life began the moment you were born.

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    Slaugtered ....thousands

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