What are the importance of computer in the field of education?

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please give me a link. hehehe
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Well, computers are an excellent way to make a class more exciting even though it can never take the teachers place. Computers are everywhere and you will be expected to have computer skills for any job that you go into.

Computers surrounds the world of education. Teachers use them to teach distance learning classes for students with special circumstances, enter grades and tracking progress as well as other data, to register pupils, powerpoint to assist teacher in lessons. Bottom line, there will never be a day that you won't use a computer in a school.


myself as a teacher.
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  • HaeNam answered 5 years ago
    Computer is a tool for your study. Whether or not you are good at using computer does not matter. However, if you are good at using computer, your study can be improved a lot; you can get necessary information more and easily using the Internet; you can calculate a complicated math problem easily using your C-program; you can watch lectures on the Internet; you can discuss your issues with others online. The better you are at using computer, the more progress you can make on your study.
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