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whats the differance between abec-7 to abec-9 or bone swiss?

i wannaed to upgrade my skates a bit just wonding if its worth spending heaps on bones or if abec-7 or 9 will do it???

BTW if u know any other good ones tell me!!!


btw i dont wanna spend more then 60$$$ for 16 bearings

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    They are the rating given from the factory tests. The higher the ABEC rating (which is a scale) the tighter, more round, and better the individual bearings are inside the casings.

    I've used every one of them and I can say, do not ever use ABEC-1 or 3. 5 is not too bad. ABEC-7 is pretty fast and 9 is better but not too noticeable.

    Swiss bearings are pretty much the best bearing you will find. I just put them in my skates a couple of months ago and they are awesome. I got them from either or for $30 for all 16.

    So in all get either ABEC-7 ABEC-9 or if you want the most improvement, get the Swiss.

    EDIT: I meant Swiss bearings are pretty much the best bearing you will find under $60. Matter of fact I forgot about titaniums that you can get for $30-50. But honestly you don't need titaniums.

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  • daty
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    4 years ago

    Abec 9 Bearings

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  • 1 decade ago

    depending on your skill you may just need 7s. i pesonally use 9s but i think its time to upgrade to swiss. heres where i reccomend you go, , and if you want good bearings, get the mission titaniums. its what they used in their syndicate boss skate last year which i think was better than this years boss black skate. but yeah those are my reccomendatitons. oh and by the way, ceramics are the best you can find but they cost 120 for a set. titanium is the next best thing though.

    Source(s): bearing specialist.
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