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想請問有關於心理學大師 - Fromm所提出的兩難狀態的問題:




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    Fromm's basic human dilemma, freedom vs. security.


    Fromm believed that freedom was an aspect of human nature that we either embrace or escape. He observed that embracing our freedom of will was healthy, whereas escaping freedom through the use of escape mechanisms was the root of psychological conflicts.

    Three main escape mechanisms that Fromm outlined are automaton conformity, authoritarianism, and destructiveness.

    Automaton conformity is changing one's ideal self to what is perceived as the preferred type of personality of society, losing one's true self. The use of automaton conformity displaces the burden of choice from the self to society.

    Authoritarianism is allowing oneself to be controlled by another. This removes the freedom of choice almost entirely by submitting that freedom to someone else.

    Lastly, destructiveness is any process which attempts to eliminate others or the world as a whole to escape freedom. Fromm said that "the destruction of the world is the last, almost desperate attempt to save myself from being crushed by it"


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    Source(s): Fromm 1941
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